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How To Get Youtube Dislike Counter Back Now That It Has Been Removed

A developer has released a browser extension that recovers the ‘dislike’ counter that has been removed by YouTube.

Google’s video service surprised everyone a week ago when it announced that it was removing one of the video success indicators: the “dislike” button counter. , which indicates how many users have not liked it. liked the content.

YouTube defended the change as a way to fight against the toxic behavior of some of its users; It is well known that ‘brigades’ are formed to press the button in controversial videos and according to YouTube studies, this practice affects more small channels. To protect creators, the company has decided to leave only the ‘Like’ counter; His tests showed that it will make people less likely to click the negative button.

However, YouTube overlooked the great benefit of that counter: it helps users avoid malicious or deceptive videos. . The company confessed that its tests showed that users use the counter to find out if a video is reliable and worth watching. Furthermore, the ‘I don’t like it’ button is also used by the community to declare their anger and send a message. Without the counter, we might think that the YouTube Rewind of 2019 was well received, with 3 million ‘likes’; but that’s because the more than 19 million ‘I don’t like it’ are hidden.

These arguments have not convinced YouTube, which has gone ahead with its plan; there are already accounts that have lost the “I don’t like” counter. But at the same time, there are already ‘tricks’ to get it back, like an extension for Chrome and Firefox posted by a developer on Reddit.

It has important limitations, since although the button continues to work, the public data of ‘I don’t like it’ will be eliminated on December 13; from then on, only the creators of the videos will be able to see it. The figures shown are based on the number of ‘Dislikes’ obtained so far, and on predictions based on the behavior of the extension users; so it won’t be a reliable way to tell if a new video is succeeding.

Still, it can be very useful for old videos, and especially, it is another way of protesting YouTube’s decision.

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