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Endesa Invests 80,000 Euros To Improve Quality In The Surroundings Of La Fueva

Endesa has allocated 80,000 euros to carry out improvements

technological and environmental issues in the distribution network that supplies energy to the Huesca town of La Fueva and to various centers in its surroundings. The action aims to consolidate the quality of more than 700 customers dependent on the electricity node.

The work consisted of replacing wooden supports with metal supports, specially designed for the protection of the birds in the area, along a 2,300-meter-long route of a medium-voltage overhead line dependent on the transformer substation. Samitier, in the area of ​​Fosado Alto, as reported by the company.

The actions carried out will serve to increase the safety and reliability of the facilities and improve the capacity and speed of response to possible breakdowns. They represent the continuation of a series of investments made over the last few years and are part of the facility improvement program developed annually by Endesa, in order to consolidate the quality of service and adapt to the evolution of demand.

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