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Vacancies Of Magistrates In SC Will Imply That 1000 Fewer Sentences Are Issued Per Year

If the situation of lack of renewal of the members of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) is prolonged, without being able to fill the vacancies that are occurring in the Chambers of the Supreme Court, the Governing Chamber of this body considers that they will be issued around 1,000 fewer sentences per year among all the Chambers.

This is explained in the Report that the Government Chamber requested the Technical Cabinet of the Court itself, which also warns of the lengthening of response times on substantive questions, as well as the enormous delay that will occur in the decisions of inadmissibility , which stresses that “they are very numerous and number in the tens of thousands a year.”

The predicted situation can be summed up in one word: “unsustainable”.

The report of the Technical Cabinet analyzes the complex situation that the Supreme Court is currently facing with eleven unfilled positions (14% of its staff of 79 magistrates), which will be expanded to 16 next year, with the retirement of another five magistrates, which will represent 20.25% of its vacant workforce.

“A situation – according to the report of the Technical Cabinet – that there is no organization that can resist, especially when such vacancies occur in positions that, obviously, do not have an articulated legal system of substitution as in the rest of the positions of the judicial career “.

“Such a state of affairs cannot be remedied, no matter how much effort is made, assigning more papers to the magistrates, because the formation of the jurisprudential doctrine that has to guide the activity of all the judicial bodies of the different jurisdictions requires a very reflective study and deliberation and care of resources, all the more so in the context of the current legal characterization of the appeal in many of the Chambers, based on a rigorous selection of the resources that are admitted, based on the criteria of the cassational interest for the formation of jurisprudence, “the report states.

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