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Top 5 Video Editing Tips & Tricks for Beginners – 2022 Guide

Videomakers convey a message through their videos. To convey the right message and hold viewers’ attention —video clips are woven together with the help of video editing. Movies, ads, shows, or films are good to watch because they are edited to have the desired effect on the people who watch them. The purpose for making a video is unchanged in 2022, but the emphasis has changed to shareable video content. That will determine your spot in the market.  

For a video to be shareable, it should be easy to understand and impress the audience. The editor adds fillers during editing to help the viewers understand your video and make some additions to take the video to the next level. For instance, informative videos are sometimes difficult to understand without visuals. It is the work of an editor to show relevant clips to match the narrations for viewers to grasp the message.

This article explains the top 5 video editing tips & tricks for beginners to make spectacular videos in 2022.

  1. Video Editor— Choose the Right one.

When it comes to making spectacular videos, it does not matter how you shoot. What matters is how you edit it. You have to select a powerful editing tool that a beginner like you can easily use.  

Did you know that you can take your video to the next level by editing it with the right online video editor? If you select the right tool to edit your videos/films, you can tell a story frame by frame. No two people with equal skills and identical footage will give you an identical video.

Each of them sees the video in a different light. The best way to craft videos is to consider people’s views and understanding to bring out a stunning video.

  1. Learn Video Editing by using the Simple and Basic Editing Tool

Some beginners think that advanced tools can give results and it’s best to start with using them. They believe they will learn all there is to learn with experience. But one must understand that it is not true. Whoever attempts that will soon get frustrated with the complex commands of advanced tools and may even give it up. 

Take your first steps in video editing with a basic video editing tool. It will be easy to follow instructions to make the job easy. Beginners can even use the available simplified version of the advanced video editing tool. Learn to use it first and then use a more advanced editing tool.

How to use a Video Editing tool?

Before you begin to work with the video editing tool, check out each feature and function to learn how to use it efficiently. If you do not know the built-in features, you will do everything manually. And that will be cumbersome.

The best way to do this is by learning the basic function and applying them to small tasks. That will give you the necessary practical knowledge to work the video editing tool to your advantage. Also, as beginners work with the chosen online video editor tool, they may find that it has all the features they need and continue using them instead of switching to the advanced tool.

Points to Remember before Investing in Expensive Video Editor

Sophisticated Video Editors are expensive to buy. Check out the following before buying one:

  • Check the compatibility of the tool with your device. What is the use of buying the best video editor if it does not work on your gadget?
  • Check if you have the money to buy the chosen video editor
  • Check if it has the basic features that beginners can comfortably work with.
  • Use free and trial versions of video editing tool to check if they work for you.
  • Short Videos are better than Long Videos

In the modern world, most people like to watch short videos. They look at the length of the video before beginning to watch. And if the video is slightly lengthier than they would like it to be, they would look for shorter ones and skip those of a longer duration. 

Video Makers have only the first five seconds within which they must impact the viewer’s minds. If the first few seconds of the video do not interest them, they will click out and watch the next video. Use the first few seconds quickly and concisely to drive your point to the viewers. By all means, ensure that you do not drag it. 

Today the best way of reaching out to the viewers with video content is through social media. Find out the right duration for each platform before crafting it.

  1. Transitions and Effects

The best trick to make your amateur work look professional is to use the transitions and effects sparingly. The video should be eye-catching and natural. It is best to apply minimum transitions. Use them only when you want to show transitions in time or topic and incorporate transitions like fades, flashes, wipes, or straight so that the customer is not distracted from the video’s message.

Do the same with effects. Blend them naturally without irritating the viewers by diverting their attention from the central message of the video. 

  1.  Colour Correction and Color Grading

Colour correction and color grading are essential post-production processes that make the film look cinematic. The movie must have the right coloring to help the viewers connect with it. Most online Video editors have a provision to perform the two processes.

The first step in color editing of videos is color correction, and it gives the film a natural look with the color correction process. Rectify the contrast, brightness, and white balance of the original footage to make it look better.

After the color correction process is complete video moves on to the color gradation process. Depending on the genre, the video editor edits the color to connect better with the audience. Beginners should look for online video editors with preset color editing styles to make the job easier.

  1. Add Music for an Emotional Connect 

Music is an essential component that helps the audience to connect emotionally with the video. Take care to select the right track without copyright. Social media platforms like YouTube take down videos with copyright issues. Synchronize the music and the rhythm appropriately to make the video more attractive. Ensure that the video is not too loud. Adjust the music volume so that the audience can hear speech or narration.


Although video editing is not difficult, it takes practice to perfect the art. The challenges are many, but advanced video editing tool helps to overcome them to craft worthy videos. Use the tips in the article to edit the raw footage into stunning videos.


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