Home Property Moving Home is More Stressful Than Starting a New Job or Visiting the Doctor

Moving Home is More Stressful Than Starting a New Job or Visiting the Doctor

Moving Home is More Stressful Than Starting a New Job or Visiting the Doctor

With UK’s moving home season in its peak, new research from Attic Self Storage reveals that half of the populationfeel that relocating is more stressful than visiting the doctor (49%), going on a first date (31%) or starting a new job (29%).

Apart from the cost of moving (28%), which Barclays Bank suggests can top £11,000**, nearly one in five Brits (19%) have put-off moving because of packing. Enduring the anxiety of selling a home and finding a buyer is also listed as one of the other main reasons (15%). 

When moving home, 41% of Brits find both packing and unpacking stressful, with 55% specifically saying that packing is more stressful than unpacking. Interestingly, 24% admit they have not finished unpacking after their last move. 

The survey reveals that 36% of people have moved properties within the last 10 years. With Brits expecting to move home an average of six times over the course of their lifetime, Attic Self Storage has launched a Moving Home Planner in collaboration with professional home organiser, Lucy Mansey (@organisedbylucy), to help people alleviate the stress. As an award-winning home organiser, Lucy has helped a plethora of high profile clients such as actress Tamzin Outhwaite, presenters Laura Whitmore and Angela Scanlon, reality TV’s Millie Mackintosh, and comedians Mo Gilligan and Joel Dommett, amongst others, declutter their homes. 

Frederic de Ryckman de Betz, Founder and CEO of Attic Self Storage, comments: “Over the past few years, thousands of Brits have relocated due to new work arrangements, stamp duty holiday, desire to be closer to family or simply because they need more space. Our research shows that 72% of people find moving home stressful. In part, this is due to the amount of belongings we have accumulated over the years that are hidden away in our cupboards or attics.

Planning ahead and using professionals will help minimise the stress on the actual day of the move. If you are set to relocate this summer, we hope the Move Home Planner will help you.” 

Lucy Mansey, professional organiser and declutterer, says: “The majority of my clients find moving completely overwhelming. We have created the Moving Home Planner to really enable people to break down the steps and simplify the process. I would always encourage people to think about having a really good edit of their belongings prior to moving. Once everything is decluttered, make sure you categorise and contain them according to where they will live in the new space. This will in turn help with the unpacking the other side.” 

Top five reasons Britons are put-off a house move
Cost (28%)
Having to pack (19%)
Selling a house and finding a buyer (15%)
The time needed (6%) Cleaning old home (5%)
Having to find movers (5%)
Trying to find all my belongings after moving (5%)  

Top tips for reducing stress while moving home

Below are some tips from Attic and Lucy Mansey to help relieve the anxiety of moving: 

  1. Declutter, declutter, declutter

Give yourself plenty of time in the run-up to the move and de-clutter your home. Make sure all your unwanted items have gone before the removal vans arrive.  

  1. Be organised and work to a plan

There’s a lot to do before moving home which you won’t be able to manage in just two weeks. We have developed a ‘Moving Home Planner’ which is available free to download from its website. This will help keep your weekly tasks in check and avoid you falling behind on key deadlines.  

  1. Take valuables and important documents in your car

Keeping your important belongings separate from all the boxes which go in the removal van means you’ll be able to quickly find them in your new home. 

  1. Book a storage unit

If you’re unsure whether your new home will have space for all your things, book a storage unit. Attic Self Storagehas five sites across London. Move your excess items here before the day of the move because they will then be out the way and won’t get muddled with belongings bound for the new home.  

  1. Arrange for pets and children care
    Preferably, animals and little ones will be out from under your feet for the entire day of the move.


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