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Woodworm Treatment Costs

In the United Kingdom, woodworm is a prevalent problem, and British householders are frequently left to deal with both the devastation it does to furniture and woodwork. Woodworms can cause severe damage to your home. They’ll eat away at expensive timber beams, fixtures, and furniture, which will cost significantly more to refurbish in the long term.

If structural timber is infested with woodworm, it can cause significant property damage. As a result, if any of the following indicators of woodworm are discovered, it would be helpful to get a professional woodworm treatment:

  • Joists
  • Rafters or roof beams
  • Floorboards
  • Load-bearing wood
  • Other timbers used in construction

Woodworm damage will vary depending on the species, the size of the infestation and the type of wood affected.

Cost of Woodworm Survey 

If you think that your home has been attacked by woodworms, it’s best to have a professional survey done before taking any action. The cost of this will vary depending on how big the infestation and size of the property are but can range anywhere from £80-£250.

A lot goes into caring for these pesky creatures, including tags for identification and bait stations or resistance, which helps prevent future invasions.

The survey should include an inspection of the roof, under floorboards and all wood in your home for signs that you’re having trouble with wood-infesting insects. The results may be enough to get rid of any beetle infestation once and for all!

After you’ve had a survey done, you can figure out which form of woodworm treatment is best for you and how much it will cost.

Cost of Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm can be found anywhere there’s timber – even in your grandma’s old footstool!

Woodworms love to feast on our woody furniture and floors. They’re not just limited, though; if they happen across some gypsum board or concrete flooring while searching for food (which usually triggers their introduction), then all bets might as well be off because those surfaces will become fair game too. With how prevalent these pests have become these days due mainly to people bringing them home with purchases at stores who didn’t realize it was possible(or care)to bring them indoors once outside. You may want to get yourself checked out hassle-free by an expert before things go south.

If you’re interested in getting rid of woodworms, it can be costly. The cost for the treatment ranges from £30 per 25m2 or around 400-900 total with 2 different methods – spraying being cheaper. Still, the injection will set your bill higher than if done by the application process alone, so think hard before choosing which one is right!

It usually takes between one and three days for the professionals to empty your loft. It’ll be more expensive if you do it yourself because they have access tools specific only for this type of job, so their time will count towards yours too!

The professionals will tell you that it’ll be more expensive if they have to empty your loft first. Depending on how large of an area needs cleaning and sanitizing before new tenants can move in with their fresh air, they might take a day or two for the task!

Boron Treatment Cost

Boron’s compounds are water-based solutions or gels that can be applied to the surface. It is essential for a specialist contractor like yourself, who knows what type of beetle they will encounter in order get accurate information on how much poison each particular pest deserves; this price range varies depending upon size but averages around £30 per 25m2 application (which covers about 100 square feet).

Fumigation Cost

The cost of fogging or fumigation treatment for woodworm can vary depending on the size and scope. For example, you’ll be looking at between £500 and £1k with an average completion time of around 3 days.

Additional Costs

You must consider many other costs alongside woodworm treatment, including restoring wooden flooring, replacing structurally damaged joists, labour costs, and rising damp or another type of damp treatment. It is important to correctly diagnose the source of dampness before any remedial action is taken. If you need to find out the cost of woodworm treatment for your property call Damp Proofing London will help you.

Factors Affecting Woodworm Treatment Cost

The cost of an expert woodworm treatment will vary depending on your unique situation. Overall, the cost of professional woodworm treatment is determined by the following factors:

  • Property Dimensions
  • Property’s age
  • Whether or not the property is occupied
  • The size of the infestation of woodworms
  • What kind of treatment do you want
  • Damp, because Boron treatment would be more expensive in the case of damp
  • The pest control specialist’s experience
  • Where you reside

Keep all these factors in mind while searching for professional woodworm treatment specialists. 

Final Thoughts

It’s stressful enough to deal with woodworm without having the added hassle of finding a company that will work for you. However, it is a complex problem for many homeowners, so this article should help ease your pain!  


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