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Guide in full detail Sandhan Valley Trek

Also known as The depression that is known as Shadows Also known as the depression of Shadows, the Sandhan depression is named because of the ravines deep within the depression which are completely dark. The depression is stunning, but it is rocky, and the wonderful thing about the area makes it an ideal place to trek. Tourists flock in large crowds for the Sandhan depression, which is located in the Sahyadri Mountains. An extremely difficult hike for everyone and certainly provides one with an immense sense of satisfaction after it is completed.

Some Facts

In fact, the area of the gorge lies close to Samrad Village, Ahmednagar in the region of geography. The hike will force the descent of 200 feet into the gorge, and is approximately two kilometers in length. The whole trek will take about five hours to finish. The trek has a difficulty degree of moderate to difficult therefore shouldn’t be attempted by novices.

Best Time For the Trek

The route in the Sandhan Depression at any period of the year, however make sure to avoid summers because it’s very crowded and wet, and could wear you out. The treks in the fall, winter and even during monsoons are usually very enjoyable.

How to Reach

To reach the depression, the first step must be to reach Samrad Village and to induce the depression, one first needs to go up to Kasara as well as Igatpuri. It is recommended to hire an auto that is self-drive and drive towards the town. The distance between the metropolis and the depression is about 200 kilometers. They are usually reached in intervals of five hours. It is also possible to travel on a state transportation bus from the metropolis or Pune and go to Igatpuri And Ghoti from where additional buses are in operation that will take the traveler to Bhandardara and from there , you will be able to take a shared vehicle towards Samrad village.

The Trek

It is essential to begin your journey from Samrad and, for the initial couple of hours, you’ll wind in shallow lakes that are about three to five feet high. Hence, be sure to wear the right footwear. When you drop, you’ll come to Tarzan Swing purpose from wherever you’ll have to walk down and utilize an elevated ladder to get down.

Once you’re down, you’ll need to go on a journey to find cave creeps, and you’ll be trekking through rocks. There are also some problematic pools that you need to traverse. While walking along the broad rocks, you’ll come to the camping spot, and from there you’ll be able to view the Bann pinnacle, and consequently The Ajoba hill. Stay the night beneath the stars and if you’ve never been there before, it’s a truly amazing experience. Or, you could start your return journey immediately.


Self-drive vehicles from the metropolis to Bhandardara return trip will cost you about Bureau of Intelligence and Research 5 to 8000. Prices for train tickets will be about 11,000 Bureau of Intelligence and Research 11,000. Shared auto would be Bureau of Intelligence and Research fifty per head or so and bus tickets from metropolis are going to be about Bureau of Intelligence and Research 600 to 800.

If you want to camp out for the night in your tent, there’s no charge, but should you want to stay at the homestay of Samrad you’ll pay around the Bureau of Intelligence and Research 500-800 dollars per night. There are some affordable accommodations in Bhandardara that can start at the Bureau of Intelligence and Research 11,000 approximately.

The cost of food will be in the range of Bureau of Intelligence and Research between 200 and 600. It all is contingent on whether you’re taking your own dry food bags. The average cost for trek operators is Bureau of Intelligence and Research 1600-2000.


Camp all night long in the Gorge and it’s an unforgettable experience. There are no lodges or hotels nearby, however there are many homestays that are very cozy and have enough space for a night. You can try the MTDC hotel in Bhandardara for a relaxing stay. There are several top-quality hotels here such as Anandvan which is perfect for a relaxing evening after a long day.

It’s important to remember that there isn’t any food to be discovered in the vicinity and additionally no people in the area. However, home-cooked meals are offered through Samrad indigenous people. The United Nations agency cooks Sanskrit local cuisines like bhakri, Pham Bhaji, and Daland chawal. It is necessary to visit the Samrad village to be able to enjoy it. So, you’ll get an honest and filling meal before embarking on your trek and take food items for the evening. If you’re with a tour company, they’ll provide food.

Places of Interest

If you’ve got some energy left then you must ascend uphill from the top and visit the three forts that were once a part of the region within the region namely Alang, Madan and Kulang. But, trying to visit these forts on your own during you’re hiking is usually exhausting. Therefore, it’s recommended to go to Bhandardara and start the trek all over again.

Another fort that is fascinating in the region is Ratangad Fort, that could be a moderately steep climb. You should also go to Ratangad Fort and the Nanhe stairs Falls that could be located a couple of kilometers away from Ratanwadi. There are numerous things to do in Bhandardara as well, including Umbrella Falls, Kalsubai Peak and, consequently, you should visit the Randha Falls. You must also go to the Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake and just enjoy an experience in the beautiful town of Ratanwadi.


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