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Easy-to-Use Image Resizer Software That Does Not Reduce Quality While Enlarging Images

We create, capture, or receive images of different types, extensions, sizes and qualities. A lot of times we wish to share images on some communicator and get a denial due to heavy size. We may need to resize high-quality super HD images if we want to share them over email or through other modes of communication. Mostly, when we resize images, we lose their quality and they get distorted.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any great inbuilt tools in Windows OS to tweak images. You just can take the help of MS Paint or Paint 3D to make a few small changes. You will always need the best image resizer for Windows to resize images without reducing the quality. A photo resizer app should not just resize images but also do a lot more with images. We have tried, tested, compared, and reviewed the Best Photo Resizers for Windows and listed the greatest photo resizer app of 2022.

Image Resizer by Tweaking Technologies

Overall Rating:  4.9/5

Developed by:   Tweaking

Ranked:               #1 for Windows & Mac

Tools:                    Image Resize, Flip, Rotate, Rename and Change format

OS:                         Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (32-bit & 64-bit version), MacOS

Bulk Resizer:      Single or Multiple Images

Customer Care: Email Support

Best Price:          $39.95

Format Images: Yes

Image Resizer by Tweaking Technologies is one of the Best Image Resizers for Windows to make perfect changes to your photos. It is a great tool to resize, rotate, flip, rename, change the format or edit one or multiple images just with a few clicks. You can reduce the size of an image while keeping the image quality intact or bring it back to the original size.

Image Resizer can compress the pixels of images that help in keeping crystal-clear quality images in your albums. It is an easy job to select between the predefined scales and dimensions to quickly modify your images as desired. You can save your edited images in different file formats. The image orientation remains in defined formats that keep the quality uncompromised.

User-Friendly Console

Image Resizer is a user-friendly application to quickly add single or multiple images. Instead of changing the image file format, you can resize the image, edit image height, width and dimensions to reduce the size while keeping the quality intact. You can either drag & drop or click to add photos or add a folder to upload bulk images. This bulk image resizer can convert all the batch images at once.

Multiple Resizing Tools

This intuitive photo resizer has all the resize settings on a single page. You can choose between multiple rotate options to rotate your images. You can also make use of the flip options to flip your images in the horizontal or vertical direction. The resizer allows you to resize, select between predefined sizes or add customized height/width. You can keep the original size, aspect ratio, or save the customized height/width settings for future use.

Desired Output Settings

This photo resizer for Windows allows you to select the desired output settings. You can either keep the original image file format or select a file format to convert. Configure the output folder where you wish to save the converted images. You can keep the original output image filename or select a series of names. It gives you an option to keep the folder hierarchy intact and ask before overwriting. Once you click on the Process button, it will transform the images and show you the results.

How to Use Image Resizer

Using Image Resizer for Windows is absolutely an easy task. You just need to follow a few simple steps and you get the desired image output.

Step 1. Download the Image Resizer tool from itsOfficial Website.

Step 2. Register the software with a valid license key or click on Buy Now to get the license.

Step 3. Click to add photos or add a folder for batch editing.

Step 4. Once added, click on the ‘Select All’ checkbox to select all the images and go Next.

Step 5. Select the resize options, predefined size, custom width, rotate option, flip option as required and click on the Next button. You can keep the original size while increasing or decreasing the height and width ratio.

Step 6. Select the output settings like output format or output folder. Give it a file name or a picture format and select the destination to save the converted photos. Click on the Process button and it will start the conversion process.

Step 7. Once the process is complete, it will show you the output summary. Logs will show how many files were converted and how much size is reduced and detailed comparison.

Summing Up

This article on easy-to-use image resizer for Windows has got the best photo resizer app that can convert photos to the desired size and shape. The best part is the photo quality remains the same and you can save on space or increase/decrease the aspect ratio of the images. This image resizer has one of the best algorithms to automate the process and keep the quality uncompromised.


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