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Anbio Brings Transformative “Point of Care” Diagnostics to European Healthcare

Anbio Biotechnology is poised to enhance the European healthcare industry with its premier product, the AF-100 C, a compact fluorescent immunoassay analyzer at the forefront of point-of-care diagnostics. Equipped to perform over 70 assays, the AF-100 C aims to improve healthcare delivery and diagnostic accuracy across the EU.

In a significant move to expand its footprint within the European Union, Anbio Biotechnology (Anbio), a frontrunner in vitro diagnostics, proudly introduces its wide-ranging “Point of Care” product assortment to the EU market. This initiative marks an important expansion for Anbio, paving the way for partnerships with EU distributors and healthcare providers and demonstrating the company’s commitment to equipping the European healthcare sector with superior diagnostic tools.

Anbio is acclaimed for its pioneering approach and extensive diagnostic offerings beyond mere Covid testing kits. “Our mission is to revolutionize diagnostics by offering tailored and accessible solutions, including laboratory, wellness, at-home, and point-of-care diagnostics. We are committed to affordability and continuous innovation in life sciences that serve to advance human heath,” Michael Lau, Chief Executive Officer of Anbio, announced.

Premier Analyzer with Wide-Ranging Testing Abilities

Anbio’s introduction to the EU market is highlighted by the AF-100 C analyzer, an advanced, compact, rechargeable compact fluorescent Immunoassay (FIA) analyzer. This device, complete with over 70 CE marked assays for a multitude of analytes, is anticipated to revolutionise clinical diagnostics across the continent.

“The Anbio AF-100 C is a game-changer for clinical diagnostics, supplying healthcare providers with a cost-effective, comprehensive, and reliable solution for rapid point-of-care testing,” Lau elucidated. Its portability and capability for high throughput make it an optimal solution for various clinical scenarios, ensuring that healthcare professionals can deliver superior patient care with greater effectiveness.

Propelling Healthcare with Rapid, Reliable Diagnostics

Anbio’s extensive FIA test catalogue, which promises quick turnarounds ranging from 3 to 15 minutes, heralds a new era in diagnostic technology. The integration of RFID chip technology in reagents for unparalleled accuracy, along with the ability to store these at room temperature for up to 24 months, readies Anbio to address the pressing needs of the European healthcare industry.

As Anbio Biotechnology makes its entrance into the European domain, it extends an invitation to distributors and healthcare professionals to explore its groundbreaking diagnostic offerings. With a dedication to improving patient care through affordable, accurate, and reliable diagnostics, Anbio is looking forward to forging partnerships with healthcare providers throughout the EU.


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