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The Chip Crisis Boosts Demand For Second-Hand Technology

Milanuncios has presented data showing an increase in demand for technology products, in the midst of a market crisis due to the lack of chips.

A deficiency that does not seem to end soon, and that is having a great effect on the market: finding the latest devices at their original price is becoming impossible in some sectors, such as the latest game consoles. Waiting lists are also getting longer, and in some cases they are already leaving by 2022, without the possibility of obtaining our device in time for the Christmas season.

To fight this trend, many users are relying on second-hand stores and platforms. According to data from Milanuncios, last September the demand for technology products increased 103% compared to the same period of the previous year. It is important to emphasize that this increase has occurred despite the fact that September is a very important month in terms of launches in the technology sector, with the arrival of highly desired models such as the iPhone 13 or the latest Android phones, for example.

In total, the service registered more than 660,000 technology-related announcements, an increase of 10.9% over the same period of the previous year; More than 1,800 daily announcements have been published for telephony, computing and video game consoles on average, a market that has moved more than 136 million euros in the last year.

Despite that, the second-hand technology market remains strong, and the usual suspects are at the forefront, with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 leading the searches for products in Milanuncios, followed by the most popular game consoles, the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5.

It should not be surprising that 54% of the offer of ads is telephony, with the iPhone being the most offered and most demanded product. Curiously, the supply of processors has plummeted, 67.6%, despite the fact that in some markets there is so much demand that there is even chip traffic as if it were drugs .

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