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Jollyes Study Links Childhood Pets to Career Success in Adults

Jollyes has released a survey revealing a remarkable connection between owning a childhood pet and achieving career success later in life.

The study shows that nearly 80% of the UK’s top earners credit their childhood pets for their success in their professional lives. The survey by Jollyes provided the following insights:

  • An overwhelming 86% of high earners in the UK acknowledge that their childhood pet instilled a greater appreciation for life.
  • Around 78% of the highest earners believe their childhood pet played a crucial role in developing career-beneficial traits like adaptability.
  • More than 75% of Senior Managers and 70% of Directors credit their pet-owning childhood for enhancing their conversational skills.
  • 73% of the top earners agree that having pets during childhood fortified their familial connections.
  • A notable 84% of senior professionals and 75% of Directors feel that coping with their childhood pets’ loss and difficulties contributed to their career resilience.
  • 68% of the leading earners in the UK consider their childhood pet as having a direct positive influence on their work ethic.

This data suggests that the influence of pets in childhood extends far beyond companionship, playing a significant role in shaping future success, giving a deeper meaning to the phrase ‘Dogs are for life, not just for Christmas.’


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