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Investigators Do Not Rule Out New Arrests In Case Of Samuel Luiz

The investigators of the crime of the young Samuel Luiz , after a beating at dawn on July 3 on the Coruña promenade, do not rule out new arrests, as confirmed at a press conference after lifting the court the secret of the summary. “The operation is still open, there could be more arrests “, has advanced the chief commissioner of the Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police of the Superior Headquarters of Galicia, Pedro Agudo.

Regarding the detainees -a total of six people, two of them minors-, Agudo has confirmed that they have had a “direct responsibility”, which in the case of the only girl, who was released with charges, placed as that of “cover-up”.

On the other hand, the police officials have indicated that the victim and the aggressors did not know each other “at all” before and ruled out the use of a brass knuckles in the attack, although they do investigate other metallic elements, located in the home of one of the minors. detained. “It is awaiting the resolution of the DNA,” he added about one of these objects.

Attempted murder
Those arrested for the crime of Samuel Luiz, who are charged with a crime of homicide or completed murder , are also being investigated for another of attempted murder for the injuries they caused to Ibrahima Diack, the Senegalese man who helped the mortal victim.

In an appearance in A Coruña, the delegate of the Government in Galicia, José Miñones; the Superior Chief of Police of Galicia, José Luis Balseiro; and the chief commissioner of the provincial brigade of the Judicial Police of the Higher Police Headquarters, Pedro Agudo, have detailed that Ibrahima “covered Samuel with his body”, thus receiving “attacks that could end his life.”

Therefore, Miñones has pointed out that they are also being investigated for a crime of homicide, or murder, in a degree of attempt to the Senegalese who has already been granted his residence permit for trying to help Samuel.

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