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Idaho murders: Fear grips Moscow college after four students are murdered

MThe demand for deadbolts is too high for the oscow Lock Shop.

Within hours of the police releasing this information, the calls began to come in. Four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death on November 13. The phone started to ring more. On November 17, 50 calls per day were received.

“If I imagine there are two of us working, and then we go out and make actual calls, and there are 50 phone calls in one day…we wouldn’t finish them all,” locksmith Casper Coombs, 28, recounts. The IndependentThis indicates that it takes approximately an hour for all the locks to be installed.

He says that the Lock Shop has a waiting-list. Most of the calls come from realtors and parents of frightened students at UI, which is less than a mile away — “usually mothers who are worried about their children.”

Coombs states that “small-town Moscow doesn’t get a lot more drama, thank God.” “We are fortunate enough to live in a city that this kind of thing is very unusual… Everyone freaks, and that’s all the talk about.”

Locksmith Casper Combs (28), keeps up with the demand after quadruple murders in Moscow. Idaho sends deadbolt requests through the roof

(Sheila Flynn)

Moscow is home to approximately 25,000 people bordering Washington State. Moscow has been in turmoil since the November 13th noon 911 call that led to the shocking discovery by Madison Mougin, Madison Mougin, and Zana Kernodel (20) of Ethan Chapin, 20. , 21. They were found on the third and second floors of a King Road home they shared with two roommates, who police said had slept during their attack.

Since then, authorities have remained vague about the safety of Moscow residents and avoided giving any further details. The police initially claimed that the killings were targeted and that there was no threat to the community. On November 16, however, they held a conference to state that they could not rule it out and asked the local population to remain vigilant.

The Lock Shop was flooded with calls the next day.

“I have a group of friends that haven’t left their home since last Sunday…that is the limit people get scared off,” says the locksmith.

Moscow has only seen a handful of murders in its history. The last one was seven years ago. Strangely, The Lock Shop is also the site of what? It wasIt was the most well-known murder in town until last week. In December 1969, 18-year-old waitress Janice Foels was bludgeoned to death in what was then the Tip Top Café.

This case remains unsolved, which is not necessarily good news for the local police records.

The Lock Shop is located within a building that used to house the Tip Top Cafe. The photo shows the rows of keys next to the photos. The Lock Shop was the scene of an unsolved 1969 murder that was the most notorious until last week.

(Sheila Flynn)

Residents are becoming increasingly frustrated at the apparent lack of progress and lack of information regarding the investigation into the murders. Fear breeds uncertainty which in turn feeds rumors, which authorities and the families try to eliminate.

“The fact that they came to us and told us that this was a targeted event, and then they retracted on that and said, ‘Well, you understand, stay vigilante and stay informed.'” [Moscow Police Chief James]Frey says, “Well you know, We just don’t know It makes everyone uncomfortable,” says Matt Johnson (42), who owns Moscow Tattoo.

Johnson grew up in this area and was proactive in trying safety. Johnson posted a message to the store’s Facebook page the weekend after the murders offering to not only walk anyone to their cars, but also to “clean out your house before locking yourself in it.”

“I got!” [that]Although there is a certain amount information that the local police must keep, I think that the uncertainty of not being in a position to answer whether this community is safe or unsafe, you know, is what most people fear.

The community itself has shrunk after the murders; Dylan Bartels, a senior at UI was shocked by how quickly campus emptied just two days later.

“Normally, I have to drive about five minutes trying to find a parking spot; I got in and one of the closest places was open,” he said. The Independent. “It literally means that the number of students attending classes fell by 50%. Overnight.”

A former member of the 6’2-inch, 240-pound UI football team, the Colorado native says he’s one of the few on campus — and he’s nervous, too.

Dylan Bartels, 22-year-old chief of UI, and Matt Johnson, 42-years old, claim that rumors and fear are fueled by a lack clear information about the investigation.

(Sheila Flynn)

“I’m here until Christmas; I don’t have a choice to go home,” he says. “For me, that’s worrying… We have no idea if this is a student or not. That, combined with the fact that I could be sitting in a class with someone who is unstable, makes me nervous. Whoever did this, you know, this is a very unstable person who even had the logic to be able to take this matter.”

He doesn’t really like to be a partner, according to Mr Bartels (22), but he does sometimes “go out to one the local pubs and have a few drinks on Friday night.”

“I haven’t done that since that happened, so I won’t,” he said.

There are, of course, those who shrug off the new danger — a recent UI grad who boasts that she hails from a rough part of California and knows how to take care of herself; A shop worker says they won’t walk alone at night anyway.

There are also people who see the danger right in front of them.

He claims that Tai Style’s 18 year-old daughter lives right next to the crime scene The IndependentWhich is “absolutely scary.”

Steele, 38, said that his daughter asked for a gun, but he did not agree. Instead, his daughter made friends at home and locked her doors. Moscow is a city where few people have ever taken the trouble to lock their doors.

It’s a completely different story now. It’s not clear how many students are returning.

Police continue to search for four University of Idaho students who were murdered with a weapon of mass destruction

(Sheila Flynn/The Independent)

“I think a lot of kids now are just like them, I don’t even want to be around an environment like that [tense]They do, and I don’t blame them,” Mr. Bartels says. “I’ve heard a lot of people say that they return to school for a day, like a mission to get their stuff or grab cars. The only thing that will determine whether you return next semester is how much information you will receive.

As Mr. Bartels speaks Mr. Johnson is currently working on a left arm improvement program for seniors. The tattoo artist is already worried by the long absence of students.

Moscow is under a cloud of uncertainty, he says. “The uncertainty for us as business owners is that we don’t know when the students will return… They are a part of my work. They are part of our community. They are indispensable to our lives. We are stuck if they aren’t here. “.

Johnson also tattooed many police officers and had friends on the force. Johnson is very respectful of local law enforcement and knows how hard they work. He can’t hope to get more information, even though he would love more.

He says, “I think at the point now, as far as this has gone. It’s going to be very simple until there’s an answer.” “I think they’ll open their mouths again after they’ve kicked the mule about the ‘that was an event’ thing…and then, as you know, they’ll skip over that until you have a definitive answer.”

Johnson states that nobody seems to think that the police are particularly near to these answers and that is “the worst part” of society.

Madison Mugen & Kylie Goncalves were filmed together before being killed


He says, “What makes them feel uncomfortable is not knowing and the feeling that our police don’t know.” “That’s what I get from their messages. You know, they wouldn’t reach out so hard for help if they had some kind of line to work with.”

It refers to repeated appeals by the victim’s families and authorities for surveillance footage and tips. This is the basis for any information. Just a few hours after Johnson spoke, The IndependentPolice issued another appeal to the public asking for any information about a stalker Kylie Goncalves may be able to access.

“Police have searched for hundreds of information about this subject but have not been able verify or identify a follower,” the MPD stated in a Facebook update.

The stalker reports are one of many theories and facets surrounding the murder investigation. None of these make anyone feel more secure.

Valary James was born in Moscow and grew up there. The University of Idaho is the largest employer in the city, and students make up nearly half of the Muscovite population.

This year, quiet is quite different.

“It feels very tense here, for sure, with the police everywhere,” says Ms. James. The Independent. “People are more like looking over their shoulders. [there’s]There are lots of friendly vibes, if that makes any sense.”

As an associate of Mr. Combs she handles the turnstiles for customers as a locksmith works at his desk to fulfill orders.

He says, “They either have to give us more information, or catch the guy before Thanksgiving weekend is over.” The Independent. “Because there are many students who won’t come back.”

According to the university, it was true. UI saw enrolment soar — nearly 5 percent last year — but brutal killings, especially if Liv’s problem is not resolved, could easily reverse that trend.

“We make security our top priority,” U of I C. President Scott Green said in a Nov. 20 press conference that raised more questions than answers. “We are also planning for the very real possibility that some students may be uncomfortable returning to campus. We will do our best to meet the needs of all students.”

The administration has made many resources available for nervous and traumatized students. At Moscow Tattoo Mr. Johnson volunteered that his spouse works at the UI Counseling and Testing Center. He expects her to plunge into the water, but says she looks less preoccupied than before — because “one day after that happens, 80% of the students have kicked rocks.”

Many locals have said that the city’s atmosphere is similar to the pandemic’s depths. Others claim it’s even worse.

Johnson and Bartels agree that abandonment was markedly more complicated because of the speed at which it occurred.

According to the tattoo artist, “It was a quick exodus this one.”

Those who remain are vigilant and buy padlocks. They follow the advice of the obscure police. Those who leave mourn from afar.

Everyone hopes that the four students who were killed in the accident will be taken into custody and that they are redressed. After more than two weeks with no answers and little reported progress, no one knows when — or if — justice will be served.

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