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Iberdrola Softens The Electricity Battle And Agrees To Maintain Prices For The Industry

Iberdrola is determined to reach an agreement with the Government to prevent the electricity battle from escalating . The company has decided to reduce the pressure and accept the offer of the Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera , which will allow them to avoid reducing income as long as prices for industries are maintained.

The electricity company proposes that electricity production is not harmed with harmful taxes and asks the Government to withdraw both Royal Decree 17/2021 and the Draft Law on CO2, on which the European Commission has shown its discrepancies, according to the electricity company.

So far this year, the Spanish industry would have saved 2,000 million euros by having maintained the agreed prices, according to the company, and despite this, it assures that to the extent of its possibilities, it will assume the increase in energy costs so as not to transfer the situation of international markets to the industry.

For this reason, and to avoid a reduction, Iberdrola will renew the contracts of clients who request it in order to avoid a cost problem.

According to the company, the tax on non-emitting energy of Royal Decree Law 17 of September 14 is causing a serious loss of 1,000 million per month for electricity companies.

“The commission should not introduce taxes that damage our disposable income as citizens”

According to Iberdrola, the European Commission pointed out the error made by a harmful regulation due to lack of information from the Government.

“Iberdrola will always be on the side of the industry of our country,” said the president of Iberdrola. For this reason, the Government – the electricity company indicates in an official statement – “should not introduce taxes that damage our disposable income as citizens or our investment capacity as companies. At that point, Iberdrola is in favor of the Government making the necessary changes in the Royal Decree and the Law for this to be so, including its withdrawal. Everyone can be wrong due to lack of information and rectification is wise. “

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