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How To See The Lyrics Of The Songs On Spotify Now

Spotify has launched the functionality that allows all users to see the lyrics of the songs globally; you just need to have the latest version of the app.

We’ve been waiting for this functionality for a while. Not only are other platforms already offering something similar, but Spotify itself has been testing the feature for almost a year on a limited number of accounts in the United States; initially, the company only confirmed that it was experimenting.

Spotify is famous for its slowness to implement new features; in fact, we are still waiting for it to deliver music in high definition as promised last February. Since then, rivals such as Apple Music or Amazon Music have overtaken it. In addition, rivals like Tidal are changing, with a free version , to take away the market.

At least now we can say that Spotify finally has real-time song lyrics. Using this functionality is very simple, and it only requires updating to the latest version of the app that is available on our device; the function is both in the desktop version and in the mobile apps for iOS and Android.

In the app for Windows, Mac and Linux, we will see a new button in the lower right corner, right next to the queue button; It is recognized by a microphone icon. In the mobile app we first have to open the song playback view (by clicking on the bottom bar in the app); We will see at the bottom of the app that it says “Letter”, and a button to expand the “More” section.

Not all songs have associated lyrics; And in some cases, they won’t be displayed in real time as the song plays; the app will notify us of this. Spotify uses the Musixmatch platform to find lyrics and therefore has the same limitations.

The good news is that this functionality is available for both paid users and those of the free version, and in all the variety of Spotify apps, including the versions for television; something that can be ideal for a karaoke session.

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