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Giró Is The Member Of The Government With The Most Assets

The Minister of Economy, Jaume Giró, is the member of the Government with the most assets, since the total assets he owns amount to 7,105,587.56 euros, and he has no active loan or credit, as recorded in the declaration of assets assets published this Friday on the transparency portal of the Generalitat and collected by Europa Press and elEconomista .

Thus, Giró declares that he owns 50% of his habitual residence, two garages, a storage room, a second home and an investment home, which represent a total of 642,419.56 euros.

To these real estate we must add a car of 5,000 euros and a boat of 39,340, in addition to 5,164,000 euros in checking accounts, a life insurance of 251,985, a pension plan of 712,599, and shares in the Banc Sabadell, in Naturgy and Telefónica of 290,244 euros.

After Giró, the second councilor with the most assets, although by far, is that of Foreign Action, Victòria Alsina, who has a total of 699,183.50 euros in assets, and declares a flat, a car, and 214,183.50 euros in three bank accounts.

In third position is the vice president and minister of Digital Policies and Territory, Jordi Puigneró, with 627,314 euros of assets when declaring two homes owned, a pension plan and 28,077 euros in bank accounts, in addition to 305,178 euros of liabilities for a loan mortgage.

The Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, has an equity of 455,560 in assets, owning two homes 50% owned, 69,690 euros in checking accounts and a pension plan, although he has 10,140 euros of liabilities for a bank loan.

Pere Aragonès, fifth
Next, in fifth position, is the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, with 424,221.78 euros of assets when declaring a flat owned by 325,000 euros, a car of 49,500.01, 8,800 euros in two bank accounts, a pension plan of 39,917.56 and financial assets in an investment fund worth 1,004.21.

Likewise, the president has liabilities of 264,055.57 for a mortgage loan, a personal loan and a consumer loan.

The Regional Minister for the Presidency, Laura Vilagrà, has declared 411,366.50 euros in assets, being the 100% owner of a flat, two garages and a storage room, and 50% of a premises, another apartment, a house, three plots of land and a storage room -the total of these properties is 289,521.50 euros-, as well as a car and 104,245 euros in checking accounts.

It is followed by the Minister of Culture, Natàlia Garriga, who owns 100% of an apartment, a house, a garage and a storage room, has a car, 8,000 euros in the bank and a life insurance of 149,094 euros, which increases assets to 375,298.05 euros, despite having 149,094 euros in liabilities for a mortgage loan.

In eighth position is the Minister of Education, Josep González Cambray, with 333,160.87 euros of assets by having a flat, a garage, a car, 12,388 euros in bank accounts, a pension plan and assets, an investment fund.

The Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, has a total assets of 308,100 euros, having 50% ownership of two floors, a garage and another property, a car and 100,000 euros in bank accounts, in addition to 100,000 euros of liabilities for a mortgage credit.

For her part, the Minister of Equality and Feminisms, Tània Verge, has assets that amount to 282,138.65 euros by owning a 50% flat and a 25% house, 43,050 euros in checking accounts and 65.65 in shares, but he has 63,990.20 euros of liabilities for a mortgage loan.

Next, the Minister of Business and Labor, Roger Torrent, has assets of 238,250 euros, having declared a property at 50%, two motorcycles and a car, 130,000 euros in bank accounts and 30,000 euros in an investment fund, while of liabilities has a mortgage loan of 102,048 euros.

The holder of Social Rights, Violant Cervera, has an asset of 163,365 euros – which includes half a house, a piece of land and a garage that represents 92,243 euros; two cars valued together at 45,000 euros; 19,000 in banks and a 50% stake in a company-, and a liability of 88,342 euros, for a mortgage and a personal loan.

The Regional Minister for Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda, Teresa Jordà, has a flat valued at 160,000 euros; a car of 10,000 euros and 1,827 euros in a current account, in addition to 48,957 euros in pension plans – adding an asset of 220,784 euros-, while it has a liability of 95,721 euros for loans or mortgage loans.

Ciuró and Geis, to the tail
Among the members of the Government who have less assets is the Minister of Justice, Lourdes Ciuró, who has half of a premises and a house -that add up to a value of 67,923 euros attributable to the Minister-, and declares 10,000 euros in a bank and a car valued at 16,000 euros – a Volkswagen Touran bought in 2015 – with a total assets of 93,923 euros.

The one that has the least is the head of Research and Universities, Gemma Geis, who does not declare any real estate, has two vehicles -one from 2018 and another from 2019, both from Seat-; 22,000 euros in a bank, and a pension plan of 3,300 euros, which represents a total asset of 55,350 euros.

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