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Former German Chancellor Schröder Convicted In South Korea

The German ex – chancellor Gerhard Schröder faces a fine of 22,000 euros in Korea South for having broken a marriage and led to the disgrace to the ex – husband of his current wife, Kim Soyeon-Schröder , with whom he married in 2018.

The case has had wide repercussions in the German media. The tabloid daily Bild picks up the version of the husband – who claims to have accepted the divorce with deceit – and the political weekly Der Spiegel focuses more on the convoluted litigation .

The fine was imposed last week by a Seoul family court . The ex-husband, cosmetic surgeon Jeon Myung Gun , of whom Bild shows a picture holding a photo of the happy couple Schröder, has been granted the right to be compensated for the dishonor .

The relationship between the 77-year-old politician and his current wife, 53, began when both were married to their respective partners. The surgeon agreed in 2017 to divorce his wife, on the condition that she end their extramarital relationship, which did not happen.

The ex-husband’s claim is based on the harsh South Korean penal code, where until 2015 extramarital affairs were a crime, explains Der Spiegel . Currently, that legislation has been relaxed and no longer involves criminal charges, but it can generate a civil lawsuit, in this case for reasons of honor.

An airy private life
Schröder , of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and in power between 1998 and 2005, is not characterized by the discretion in his private sphere that marked both his predecessor, the conservative Helmut Kohl, and the current chancellor, Angela Merkel.

His divorce from his third wife, Hiltrud – nicknamed Hillu – was widely reported by the German media such as Bild , who recounted how she kicked him out of home in 1997 when she found out that he was unfaithful to the one he would become. in his fourth wife, the journalist Doris Köpf .

With Hiltrud, a militant SPD militant, Schröder’s political rise had begun in the land of Lower Saxony, where he was Prime Minister. At that time they were known as the “Kennedys of Hannover”, the capital of the land – for their strong media presence.

One of the reasons for the rupture, according to Schröder’s later account, was that Hillu , a strict vegetarian, was forbidden from currywurst – a typical German sausage – which the politician consumed outside the home. With Doris Köpf he formed an equally high-profile couple throughout his period at the Chancellery. They formalized their divorce in 2018.

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