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Ex Driver Of Bárcenas Responds With A Laconic No To Accusations

The ex-driver of Bárcenas remains firm and responds with a laconic “no” to the accusations against him.

He takes advantage of his right not to testify despite Rufián’s warnings that his lack of collaboration will have consequences.

Sergio Ríos , driver of the ex-treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas , remained firm and practically only pronounced a laconic “no” to the question of the deputy of Vox Macarena Olona if “the facts that he had exposed were true”.

These events had come to remind him that he was a doorman in a brothel until he began to work as a driver for the former secretary general of the Madrid PP, Francisco Granados , the main defendant in the ‘ Punica case’ , and then he was able to spy on “the privacy” of the family Bárcenas for “2,000 euros a month, a pistol and a promise to join the national police force .”

To avail himself of his right not to testify because he was accused in the National Court and not to speak again, he only agreed to the question of whether he had said “no.”

Previously, she had spoken of her “not brilliant” career at the police academy where she was the penultimate of her class and tried to force him to speak, even hinting at an alleged link between her lawyer, Javier Vasallo, who is also from Granados , and Baltasar Garzón , whose law firm represents several defendants in the ‘Tandem case’, in which the ‘Kitchen’ is framed and whose main defendant is former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo .

“He is not 10 years old”
As usual, the one who most insistently asked the person appearing was the ERC spokesman, Gabriel Rufián , who warned him that he could be poorly advised and announced that he would try to assume his responsibility for refusing to respond.

He was unsuccessful, neither when he blurted out that “nobody likes snitches” or when he told him that he was like other policemen summoned in the commission, “very patriotic” but that they went to Congress ” as if they were in a bar or like 10-year-olds “, because they did not show respect to the House.

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