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Dan Jewett from Teacher to Cooperator in 57,000 Million Charity

It’s said early, but since he married MacKenzie Scott world’s 22nd fortune after his divorce from Jeff Bezos in March , Dan Jewett has gone from high school science teacher to needed partner in donating $ 57 billion. dollars . There are no errors in the figure.

Such is the amount that the boards of great fortunes attribute to Scott and such is the amount that she says she will allocate to charitable causes.

In one year, the new head of mega-philanthropy has already donated 6,000 million. And at this rate, if not more devilish, it will continue “until the box is empty . ” Henceforth, Jewett will be his wife’s partner in this endeavor.

The one who was a science teacher at Lakeside School Seattle’s elite center where the couple’s four children attend and who was also Bill Gates is no longer on the institute’s faculty directory.

So it is taken for granted that the man, 46, previously married to an interior designer, is already at home with his wife, 50, deliberating where they will spend the next billion. It sounds like a joke, but it’s a pretty literal description of Scott’s billion dollar donation hustle in the last year.

While her ex-husband bought 500 million yachts and increased his fame as a great villain , Scott and his new partner have tracked down causes and related entitiesand they have taken a new script twist on billion-dollar philanthropy by reorienting the focus towards grassroots organizations food banks, African-American schools and universities, and environmental, women’s, lgtbi and anti-racist collectives.

In a community college in Nebraska, for example, they could not believe the donation of 15 million dollars they had received from a certain Mrs.

Scott who claimed to know his work and fully trust his management. And they say that the person from the YMCA (organization dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women) of Charlotte with whom they contacted began to cry when he learned that they were going to have an extra 18 million dollars. The entities, of course, are thanking heaven for the feast of millions,

For now, at Jewett’s school, his former classmates are deathly silent about this “nerdy and disciplined” teacher, as some former colleague has defined him.who has broken the vow of silence to deny that he is a gold digger in search of an orgy of decadent pleasures.

A graduate of Eastern University, a Christian organization known for its social commitment, Jewett, raised in Maine, has dedicated his working life to teaching and previously had previously worked at a Pennsylvania high school where he also left a fond memory. Now, his presentation in society is not without its what.

“It is strange to write a letter announcing that I plan to give away most of my wealth, since I have never tried to gather enough to feel that saying something like that could have a particular meaning” .

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