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C. Valenciana Says That Course Has Started Well, With Fewer Students

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Vicent Marzà, has assured this Monday that the school year has started well in the Valencian Community, with fewer students and more teachers, although he has asked for “prudence”, as -as he has said- ” the pandemic is still there. “

Marzà has made a balance of the beginning of the course during the press conference that he has offered together with the territorial delegate of the IVC, Alfonso Ribes, to present the new program of the Institut Valencià de Cultura in Castelló.

Thus, he has ensured that the course has begun with reinforced measures, and has recalled that in the Valencian Community there are 5,042 more teachers than in the usual templates “to reinforce the spaces not only in security, but above all in educational support and psychological reinforcement -emotional”. He has highlighted that only in the city of Castelló there are 191 more teachers than in a pre-pandemic course.

In addition, the minister stressed that there have been 39.6 million euros of reinforcement in investments to improve safety in educational centers. Likewise, he recalled that children over 12 years of age have started the course with the first injected pattern and the second pattern is about to end.

“The course has started well, with more resources than ever, with fewer students and more teachers, therefore with better attention, and the first days have been within the normality that we all have in a pandemic situation, although we continue to ask for caution because the pandemic is still there “, highlighted Marzà.

The minister explained that, at the moment, there is no prominent impact of the virus in the centers. “We are satisfied that for the moment the measures are working, but we cannot relax and we have to be very scrupulous in complying with the protocols,” he added.

School nurse
Pretuntando by how is the implantation of the figure of the school nurse in the educational centers, Marzà has affirmed that “the more professionals there are in the educational centers, much better”. However, he recalled that nursing professionals depend on the Ministry of Health and this “always says that they need reinforcements in health spaces and that nursing personnel have more impact on public health working where they are now than not only in educational centers “.


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