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Austria Prepares Its Citizens To Survive A Major Blackout

Energy apocalypse: Austria prepares its citizens to survive a major blackout. Recommend to make a reservation to subsist for about 14 days. Consequence of the digital dependence of today’s society.

It seems that the apocalypse is getting closer, or at least a big blackout. The Austrian government considers this danger so real that it is preparing its population to survive in the event of a failure in the supply of electricity infrastructure in Europe.

After the critical situation in which Europe was immersed in January due to the alteration in the frequency of the electricity supply due to the imbalance in the demands, the Austrian authorities have taken action on the matter. Through a series of messages, which can be seen in the main media and in the streets of cities throughout the country, the government recommends its citizens to stockpile material and food to survive for about two weeks . Specifically, every house should not be missing: fuel, candles, batteries, canned food and drinking water.

Along with these reservations, the authorities consider equally important that citizens establish a network of cooperation with relatives and neighbors , to avoid that no one is left isolated.

In a highly digitized era, stopping traffic lights, computers, ATMs, telephones and the internet, among other services, represents a great danger. For this reason, the Austrian government has made it a goal to make a hundred of its main military headquarters as self-sufficient as possible by 2025 .

According to Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Kugelweis explained to the EFE news agency, in the event of a major blackout, the barracks will serve as a support base for civil organizations, such as firefighters and health workers .

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