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DEBUT ALERT: ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH EP’ – Experience ‘Soundtrack 1’ Video: “Silent unknown – LOW” on YouTube

‘Silent unknown’ has launched his debut EP, ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH’, a landmark project in contemporary music, along with the official video for ‘Soundtrack 1’, “LOW”. This initiative illustrates ‘Silent unknown’s defiance of mainstream norms, paving his own path with exceptional valor. “if you don’t stand up for what you believe in, What are you living for?” -Silent unknown.

Based in London, ‘Silent unknown’ underwent a profound transformation, ultimately dedicating his life to ‘JESUS CHRIST’. In his latest release, he elevates worship to a new plane, taking charge of the EP’s branding, production, publication, distribution, and editing, thus altering the music industry’s traditional model. His commitment to artistic independence reveals a deep intelligence, positioning him as an innovative Congolese British artist.

The EP features seven tracks, totaling roughly 21 minutes, and will be accompanied by two additional music videos on YouTube, featuring ‘Soundtrack 2’ “STRONG” and ‘Soundtrack 3’ “STORM”.

The premiere video offers solace to those facing deep-seated depression, encouraging perseverance. The subsequent video seeks to empower the vulnerable with innovative artistry that breaks new ground.

The final video in the series is a defining moment, blending poignant lyrics with cinematic visuals, reflecting ‘Silent unknown’s journey from adversity to success through faith in ‘CHRIST’. “Turning my life around would never have been possible until I submitted my life to ‘CHRIST’.”

‘Silent unknown’ is ready to challenge the music industry’s conventions with ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH’, which he describes as a devout homage to ‘JESUS CHRIST’, the life-giver, through honest and unadulterated expression, making this project more than just music; it’s his life’s narrative.


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