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The 5 Advantages of a Spa Portable Sink

Whether you’re running a 500 sq. ft. salon or have a large and luxurious, spa sink is a contender in the list of mandatory toolsin your salon. It’s true that not every customer enters your salon for jobs that need a sink. While some customers ritually dye their hair and sit down for long spa sessions, some do it occasionally. All in all, salons need to have a sink to serve the basic needs of the customers. In case, your salon does not have a plumbing facility and you cannot establish one in the recent future, how are going to do your job? A spa portable sink is an all-around solution in situations like these.

With this, you are entitled to both hot and cold running water whenever you need it. The sinks contain large tanks and can store enough water to get you going for long enough. The sinks are convenient, portable, and the tanks are easy to install and uninstall. They also come in a wide range of colors so that you can match your décor. The distinct benefits of buying a spa portable sink are described in detail in the following list:

1. No plumbing required

So your salon has become popular and now you have 10x more customers than you had 4 years back. If your shop lacks plumbing or that part of the building has a plumbing problem, a portable sink readily does more than a normal sink. Have you been using the handwashing sink for the more complicated hair jobs as well? You don’t have to anymore! Mix hot and cold water to obtain a perfect temperature to wash hair in comfort.

2. Enables you to reconfigure the salon space

You might need to rearrange your space if you want to add more equipment. Plumbing attachments can make it difficult for you if you need to rearrange your space. If a lot of customers step in for spa and hair therapy, a spa portable sink will be a perfect addition to your space. As they don’t require plumbing, you can set them wherever you need and easily move them. A portable sink is particularly useful if you plan to shift your salon in the near future.

3. Bring it near to the client

Typically, all salon chairs are not always placed close to sinks. So, clients sitting on those chairs need to travel to the sink for washing their hair which diminishes the luxury of the salon. You can easily roll the portable sink near the client’s chair to allow them to wash in comfort. Such sinks prevent spillage and also make the cleaning job easier for your employees.

4. You can start your own home-based salon business

Clearly, your house won’t have a spa-compatible sink or a movable sink. Buying all the salon equipment in your house means shelling out a lot of money. And setting up plumbing for an extra sink means a lot of work and additional expenses. Maybe you don’t even have the extra space to do so. Portable spa sinks provide all the premium features for the entrepreneurial stylist that wants to set up a salon in the basement.

So, if you lack the capital to start a full-scale salon, you can easily do spa and hair treatments involving hair washes in your home. The mobility a portable sink provides lets you set up shop wherever there’s space. Most spa portable sinks come in spectacular designs to adhere to augment the spa’s aesthetic.

5. Environmentally friendly The conventional tap uses large quantities of water. Outdated plumbing and low maintenance is the main reason for water wastage in households. Portable sinks need no plumbing connections. This product works on a psychological level in preventing excess water usage. When you consciously know that the water supply is limited, you automatically try to minimize its usage. So, a portable sink promotes sustainability.


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