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Quadrant Shower Enclosures – A Product Guide

Shower enclosures are becoming the preferable choice in UK households. These are preferable due to people opting for their luxury looks and time saving due to quick showers. However, that does not mean bathtubs will no more be in demand in the near future. Among various types of enclosures available in the market, quadrant shower enclosures are the popular choice. It is because most households in the UK have relatively smaller space in the bathroom. So, when space is less, you need something that can fit into that easily. The quadrant shower enclosure can save space as it can fit perfectly into the bathroom corners while also offering you a spacious shower experience.

Are you too planning for a shower enclosure or a bathroom upgrade in 2022? Our blog will help you to understand why a quadrant shower enclosure should be your top choice.

Quadrant Shower Enclosure – Shape and Design

The quadrant shower enclosure is essentially a combination of three or fours glass shower panels. The three of these panels are straight, while one that is on the front has a curved shape, giving a half-circle or curvy shape front. That is what a quadrant enclosure is. It is simply an enclosure that has a curvy shape front. Due to such a shape, you can easily fit it into the bathroom corners. The curvy front also ensures that the projection or impact inside the bathroom is relatively less in comparison to other enclosures.

Why and Where You Should Prefer a Quadrant Shower Enclosure?

The following advantages of quadrant shower enclosures make them a preferable choice.

  • You Have a Small Bathroom or Want to Save Space.

We have already discussed that the curvy frontage that a quadrant enclosure has can help you to save space. While most of the bathrooms in the UK are small with empty space in the corner, anything that can fit into there can be a great space-saving option. That is what a quadrant shape enclosure does. The curvy shape has relatively less coverage on the ground, while corner fitting makes it even more space-saving. That’s what makes it an ideal choice when it comes to shower enclosure style for small bathrooms.

  • You Want Wide Corner Access.

Perhaps, everyone would have wide corner access into the shower area. The quadrant enclosure does what it says; the corner fitting makes the shower easy or hassle-free access. Although the quadrant enclosures are available in different sizes, if you choose the 800mm, it will have at least 450mm wide entry into the enclosure. That makes it more comfortable in terms of usage.

  • You Want Flexibility in Choices

The quadrant shower enclosures can be framed or frameless. At the same time, you can opt for your favorite door choice as per your requirements. Similarly, your choices also include the sizes. These enclosures are available in at least three different sizes. These sizes are 800mm, 900mm, and 1000mm. It makes it possible to choose a suitable option in accordance with your bathroom layout and size.

  • Want to Choose from Variety of Offset Size

The quadrant shower enclosure is the only enclosure type that is also available in offset variation. It is relatively bigger than the standard quadrant enclosure, with one larger giving more room for a shower enclosure. However, such enclosures are a bit larger and require a bit more space than the standard quadrant enclosure. The offset enclosure is available in different sizes that include 900mm, 1000mm,1100mm, 1200mm.

  • Want Flexible Shower Door Choice.

You should prefer the quadrant shape enclosure if you want flexibility in the shower door choice. Fortunately, it is compatible with sliding as well as hinged shower doors. The choice ultimately depends on you. Where a sliding door s a space-saving option, a pivot door requires clearance space outside of the enclosure depending on its size. Therefore, you should keep this in mind while getting this shower door.

  • Want a Modern Looking Bathroom

The quadrant shower enclosure can be a great choice when it comes to creating a modern-looking bathroom. The curvy shape front is perfect for creating a style statement as per your choice. It matches easily with the other round shape bathroom fittings and fixtures like toilet and basin, helping you create a coordinated look.

Final Thoughts.

A quadrant shower enclosure is a popular choice because it offers many advantages that other types don’t. From space-saving to corner fitting and wide entrance, it is a great-looking shower type that is perfect for most bathroom fittings, both large and small. We have discussed various advantages that a quadrant enclosure may offer. It will help you to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an enclosure. You can find all types of bathroom fittings and fixtures at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK.


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