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Add Instant Colour with Dobbies Garden Centres

Houseplants are a growing staple in many homes, with more and more people becoming plant parents for the first time. If you’re looking to inject some instant colour into your home with houseplants but don’t have a lot of space and aren’t sure where to start, Dobbies’ ready-made living wall is a fantastic option and takes the popular vertical planting trend to new heights with its simple yet effective design.

Not your average garden centre, Dobbies’ living wall is a great way to add vibrancy and life to an indoor space, and comes ready-made, full of gorgeous seasonal plants that have been expertly curated for maximum impact. Dobbies’ Senior Houseplant Buyer, Claire Bishop, shares the benefits of adding instant colour to your home with Dobbies’ living wall, and explains why it’s a must-have for plant professionals and beginners alike.

Make an impact

Featuring a living wall in your lounge, sunroom, or any bright spot in your home is a guaranteed way to make an impact with your décor and works well to make a statement in all types of spaces. If you’re looking to jazz up a neutral room or an empty wall, a living wall display is a brilliant way to inject some fun and personality.

One of the things Claire loves most about Dobbies’ living wall is how it layers plants of different sizes and textures to create depth and utilises plants in colours that complement one another for a striking effect. Claire said: “I love the look of vertical planting for a pop of instant colour in a room, and Dobbies’ living wall includes some of my favourite seasonal plants that will suit a wide range of tastes. Some of the gorgeous plants included in Dobbies’ living wall for Spring Summer 2022 are CalatheasPhilodendron and Peace Lilies Spathiphyllum, with each of them featuring unique leaves that bring a different texture to the display. The living wall is a fantastic, creative way to bring some colour to your interiors, just remember to position it in an area that gets plenty of light to ensure it thrives.”

Good for the environment

Having a living wall in your home has many benefits that go beyond the aesthetic. The way Dobbies’ living wall system is designed is good for biodiversity, with the display including native and pollinating plants for added eco benefits.

Claire said: “The Devil’s Ivy Scindapsis and Adiantum, maiden hair fern that feature in Dobbies’ living wall are air purifiers, which will make your display extremely good for your home as well as creating a sense of wellbeing in your space. The plants included in the living wall will also have a positive effect on your home in summer by helping to keep your space cool, as the density of the plants can actually reduce the ambient temperature of a room.”

Perfect for new plant parents

For first time plant parents, Dobbies’ living wall is a great starting point. You’ll feel like a pro, keeping multiple plants at once, without the added pressure of tending to each of them individually. The self-watering system is designed to trickle water throughout the display, and only needs filled once a week, making it ideal for those looking to make maximum impact with minimal effort. There’s even a gauge to indicate if the built-in water reservoir is empty or full, which will help you avoid under watering or over watering the plants.

Speaking about maintaining a living wall, Claire said: “These displays may look intimidating but they’re perfect for all kinds of plant enthusiasts. Whether you’re a gardening pro, or are just beginning your houseplant journey, the low-maintenance aspect of a living wall makes it appealing to all plant parents, and the innovative watering system means you can spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time appreciating the instant colour it brings.”

Dobbies’ living wall comes in two sizes, with options that include 20 houseplants, priced at £299, and 40 houseplants, priced at £499. The mix of houseplants in the living wall includes Calathea Adiantum maiden hair fern, Peace Lily Spathyiphyllum, Chamaedorea Parlour palm, Scindapsis Devil’s Ivy and Philodendron, however this mix may vary depending on the time of year.

Dobbies, the UK’s leading garden centre, has a wide range of new houseplants for Spring Summer 2022. Find out more at www.dobbies.com.

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