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Environmental Remediation Services: Types & Importance

Environmental remediation is the process of removing and minimizing pollutants and contamination from the surroundings to ensure a safe and healthy living space. The progress in the field of science and technology has created the need for setting up large-scale industries and manufacturing units that have adverse impacts on nature. Other human activities also contribute to the growing pollution. To combat the existing as well as the increasing pollution, hiring an environmental consultant is the best choice.

An environmental consultant is a trained professional who provides expert advice and services to their clients concerning the management of environmental factors around. They hold specialized knowledge and technical expertise in dealing with various environmental issues to minimize health risks and ensure compliance with legal laws and regulations. As responsible individuals, it is our responsibility to keep a check on the pollution levels around us and opt for adequate measures to minimize them.

There are a variety of environmental remediation services that one can opt for. Irrespective of the commercial or residential living spaces, environmental assessment is a must. Hiring these remediation services can ensure healthy living surrounding thereby promoting environmental well-being. Some of the common environmental remediation services are as follows:

  • Asbestos management

Asbestos testing and monitoring are often neglected by many without acknowledging its hazardous impact on human health. For the unversed, asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate material that was widely used for construction purposes up until the 1970s when its harmful effects were globally recognized. Around 1 lakh people die each year due to health complications caused by exposure to asbestos.

Opting for an asbestos management plan can help in screening the old constructed buildings to find out asbestos content thereby getting rid of them efficiently. This management plan includes screening, testing, and removal of any asbestos content in the building structure. All properties constructed before the 1980s should go through an asbestos screening to make sure that they are safe to live in.

  • Dilapidation services

Dilapidation services include a complete assessment of buildings and properties that are intended for the demolition or reconstruction process. The purpose of hiring this service is to detect any structural disputes in the building or adjoining constructions to avoid future damage claims or issues. An environmental consultant will have its well-trained surveyors conduct a thorough screening of every portion of the building and adjacent spaces to prepare a final report of all the detected flaws.

Getting a dilapidation survey before taking charge or ownership of a property is mandatory to avoid any possible dispute or losses. These dilapidation reports include every minor to major observation including the internal as well as external structures. Right from major building defects to minor scratches and leakages, everything is well recorded for you to better understand the condition of the property.

  • Environmental Monitoring

This is one of the most common and recommended types of environmental remediation services for all i.e. residential, commercial, as well as industrial spaces. Every responsible individual must opt for this routine monitoring service that ensures a complete assessment of the environmental factors and conditions around. This not only assures a healthy living environment but rejuvenates the deteriorating condition.

This service includes comprehensive monitoring across different environmental factors such as water, soil, dust, etc. It is important to abide by certain environmental regulations that dictate the degree of environmental safety. In the case of commercial and industrial spaces that release heavy pollutants, it is mandatory for them to conduct regular assessments and opt for adequate measures to minimize pollution. In the present era of technology and digitization, environmental well-being has faced a significant blow. Human activities have led to further deterioration of the environment thus affecting human health. Although we cannot curtail our technological needs as it is the way forward towards better living, we can certainly opt for environmental remediation services to control and minimize pollution. Contact an environmental consultant and they will suggest the ideal remediation services you need.


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