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Chloe Amour, Echoing ‘Pretty Woman’, Discloses Her Secret to a Remarkable Physique: Bare Yoga

Chloe Amour, distinguished for her modelling prowess and substantial Instagram following (@realchloeamour), is at the forefront of promoting body positivity through her distinctive fitness approach. Amour’s journey, reminiscent of a ‘Pretty Woman’ narrative, has led her to naked yoga, a practice she credits for her profound sense of body empowerment and self-love.

“I absolutely love nude yoga – it’s so freeing,” remarked Amour. “Practising naked has empowered me; I always feel so accomplished afterwards. It is challenging for both my mind and body, and doing it nude gives it more of an artistic feeling.”

Amour’s introduction to naked yoga occurred during a photo shoot for Playboy TV, where she experienced the liberating effect of practising yoga without clothing. This marked a turning point in her relationship with her body, enhancing her confidence and self-appreciation.

“Naked yoga is very personal,” she said. “It helped strengthen my body, and I also became more comfortable in my own skin. Naked yoga has helped me fall back in love with my body.”

For those curious about exploring naked yoga, Amour suggests a measured approach: “Start off clothed first. That way, when you strip down, you will already have confidence in your yoga experience, and that will distract your mind so you aren’t as conscious of being naked.”

Amour’s experience serves as an inspiration for many, advocating for naked yoga as a path to body positivity and self-love.


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