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All on-4-dental Implants Vs all-on-6-dental Implants

Single Implants may be helpful only if you have missed some selective number of teeth, but what if you have missed multiple teeth in your upper and lower jaws. Have any idea what to do?

Yes, you guessed it right, the solution for this is all-on-four and all-on six dental implants, but what’s the difference between them, have any idea?

The similarity is that both are considered for treating or restoring full mouth rehabilitation, and the difference is here in this article.

So read the article till the end to know more.

Which is better, all-on-four or all-on-six dental implants?

Both are considered the best option if you treat your teeth with dental implant treatment, but the only difference between them is the number of implants.

If you have more bone density, then the all-on-six will be best, and if you have lesser, you have to go up with the all-on-four. The all-on-six dental implants provide more stability and strength, and thus both are helpful based on your dental health.

What are the cost of the all-on-four and all-on-six dental implants?

The cost of all-on-four and all-on-six dental implants may vary based on several factors across several states in India. However, the cost of the all-on-four dental implants in Chennai is around 1,50,000-200,000, whereas the cost of all-on-six dental implants is 200,000-2,50,000.

However, for better dental implant treatment you can visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you.

What is the difference between all-on-four and all-on-six dental implants?

Here are some differences between the all-on-four and all-on-six, have a look at it.

  • The basic difference between the all-on-four and the all-on-six dental implants is the number of implants, which means the all-on-four dental implants have four implants, and the all-on-six has six implants.
  • The second yet more significant difference between the all-on-four vs all-on-six dental implants is that the all-on-six dental implant provides more stability and strength, whereas the all-on-four dental implants do not provide as much as the all-on-six.
  • Dentists mostly recommend All-on-six dental implants because they think it provides more strength and stability.

So these were some of the significant differences between the all-on-four and the all-on-six dental implants.

What are the benefits of all-on-four dental implants?

Here are some benefits of all-on-four dental implants;

Improved appearance:

Just think how you may look without many teeth in your mouth; you will feel as if you are getting old, but with the help of the all-on-four dental implants, you can get all your teeth back as well as can get rid of them the feeling that you are getting old.

Life-time smile:

Unlike dentures, you need not remove them frequently. Once the dental implant treatment is done, it provides you with the lifetime result; thus, it is suggested as the best and the most long-lasting treatment. It provides you with a long-lasting result.

Easy maintenance:

The maintenance is also as easy as the natural tooth. You have to look after it like you maintain your natural teeth. It is easy to maintain; it acts just like natural teeth. There isn’t any trouble with the maintenance of the teeth.

Quick procedure:

The all-on-four dental implants is a quick procedure that provides quick results, and it does save your time by making the procedure shorter and thereby saves your time.

Natural appearance:

The all-on-four dental implants appear like a natural tooth, and one cannot easily identify whether you are wearing the natural teeth or the artificial ones. Thus it provides you with a natural look and also enhances your appearance.

So these were some of the benefits of the all-on-four dental implants.

What are the benefits of all-on-six dental implants?

Here are some of the amazing benefits of the all-on-six dental implants; let’s see.

No need for bone grafting:

In most of the all-on-six dental implants, there is no need for the bone grafting procedure as it may not be necessary at all. It is one of the advantages of the all-on-six dental implants done.

More stable:

The all-on-six dental implants are more stable than the all-on-four due to their implant counts. The more implants, the more they will be stable and strengthened. Thus it keeps your jaws more strengthened and more stable. It is one of the benefits of all-on-six dental implants.


Like all-on-four dental implants, the all-on-six dental implants also provide a long-lasting result. It provides a permanent smile for the long term, and maybe there is no need to replace it again and again.

So these were some of the benefits of the bone grafting treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about the difference between all-on-four and all-on-six dental implants:

What makes you a good candidate for dental implants?

  • The suitable candidates for dental implants are people with good general and oral health.
  • It would help if you also had an adequate jaw bone density for dental implant treatment.
  • Apart from all these, the most important factor is that you must also have proper gum health.

So the above points prove you to be a good candidate for dental implants treatment.

Who is not a suitable candidate for dental implants?

People with certain health conditions like diabetes, cancer, haemophilia and auto-immune disorders are not the ideal candidate for the dental implant. These diseases hinder the healing ability and can make the condition even worse.

So hope you find the article helpful. You can share your suggestions below if you have any. Stay connected, and see you soon. Thank you for reading till the end!


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