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Advice to Select the Best Oxygen Concentrator

The most common way of choosing the best oxygen concentrator can be scary on the off chance that you have been recommended long-haul favorable oxygen treatment. There are many choices accessible in the market in a wide value range, and every one of the models might seem like a layman.

Yet, the prerequisites of every persistent are unique. Contingent on their ailment, some might require a low-stream oxygen concentrator, and some might require a high-stream oxygen concentrator. Use the Wellue Coupon Code to save a 30% Discount.

Chapter by chapter guide

Suggestions to Select the Best Oxygen Concentrator:

  • Realize your stream rate necessities
  • Oxygen Purity
  • Fixed versus Portable
  • Beat versus Continuous Mode
  • Endorsements
  • Administration Centers

Besides, while certain patients should accept the oxygen treatment in the solace of their home, others might need to lead a functioning way of life that incorporates spending quite a while outside of the house. Different oxygen concentrators are accessible to suit different ways of life inclinations.

Rather than picking an oxygen concentrator at irregular, read the accompanying aide on purchasing oxygen concentrators to capitalize on your speculation:

Realize your stream rate prerequisites

In light of how much oxygen they can offer, there are two kinds of oxygen concentrators: low to medium stream concentrators that give up to 5 liters each moment (LPM) and high-flow oxygen concentrators that provide oxygen up to 10 LPM.

Assuming you are experiencing a gentle respiratory problem, you require a low-medium stream oxygen concentrator. A portion of India’s most trusted and smash-hit 5 LPM oxygen concentrators are Philips Everflo, Oxymed Mini, Nidek Nuvo Lite.

Also, on the off chance that you are experiencing some persistent respiratory problem like COPD, ILD, and so forth and your stream rate prerequisite is over 6 LPM, you should go for a high stream oxygen concentrator. Airsep Intensity 10, Oxymed 10, and Devilbiss 10 LPM are some of India’s best 10 LPM oxygen concentrator models.

Your PCP would recommend you the oxygen stream rate you require.

Oxygen Purity

The following most significant boundary that should be remembered while purchasing an oxygen concentrator is the immaculateness level. The best oxygen concentrator is the one that can supply oxygen at a virtue level of above 90% across all stream rates.

You can undoubtedly observe the oxygen virtue level referenced in the particular table.

There are various oxygen concentrator models whose oxygen virtue level decays as you increment its stream rate. Forgo getting them as these concentrators are not so much for clinical use.

Fixed versus Portable

There are two sorts of oxygen concentrator models in the plan: fixed and compact.

Fixed oxygen concentrators, otherwise called home oxygen concentrators, are intended to work while kept at a specific spot in the house. These machines run when they are connected to the electrical attachment. It isn’t easy to move them along these lines during inactivity.

Home oxygen concentrators are reasonable for out-of-commission patients or individuals who require supplemental oxygen just for a couple of hours daily.

Notwithstanding, to stay aware of a functioning way of life that expects you to be out of your home for extended periods, a convenient oxygen concentrator is the most reasonable choice for you.

Compact oxygen concentrators are lightweight and effortlessly conveyed in a knapsack or a roller truck. They accompany a reachable battery and are not expected to be connected to the electrical divider.

Beat versus Continuous Mode

If you choose to purchase a versatile oxygen concentrator, you also need to check, assuming it conveys oxygen just in beat mode or both heartbeat and continuous mode.

Convenient oxygen concentrators with heartbeat portion mode convey oxygen when the individual is breathing in and quickly quit during exhalation. This canny innovation sets aside the battery of the machine with the goal that you can remain out on oxygen treatment for extended periods.

However, a heartbeat portion oxygen concentrator isn’t appropriate for you, assuming that you inhale through your mouth or are experiencing rest apnea.

In such cases, it is wiser to purchase compact concentrators that can supply oxygen in both heartbeat and consistent mode. Changing to a continuous mode provides oxygen independent of whether the patient is breathing in or out. This could gobble up more battery of the gadget however is reasonable for mouth breathers.

If it’s not too greatly upset, note that improved oxygen concentrators give oxygen just in endless mode.


Purchasing an oxygen concentrator is anything but a bit of a venture. Consequently, it is better to buy a machine that satisfies global security guidelines. The following tip is to check on the off chance that the device has international endorsements.

Ensure that the concentrator you intend to purchase is US FDA-supported or possibly CE Certified.

Likewise, on convenient oxygen concentrators, check for FAA Approval, which guarantees that the machine is protected from being conveyed in a plane.

Administration Centers

Ultimately, ensure that the machine you want to purchase has an assistance community close to the area you live. You can observe the gathered rundown of administration focuses of various oxygen concentrators in India alongside their present costs, stock accessibility, and determinations.

To summarize, don’t get scared by the plenty of oxygen concentrators accessible in India. Follow these tips to choose the most appropriate model for you.


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