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Coromon Featurette Showcases Built-In “Nuzlocke” Mode, Accessibility Difficulty Options, Cross-Save, Multiplayer, More

Coromon, the modern monster taming game from developer TRAGsoft and publisher Freedom Games, gears up for its March 31, 2022 launch on Nintendo Switch as well as PC and Mac with a featurette detailing the extent of its built-in “Nuzlocke” difficulty modes among other gameplay accessibility elements during The MIX this weekend. Watch The Coromon Difficulty Modes Featurette Here

Choose what type of creature-catching adventure you’d like to embark on with four preset difficulty modes: Easy, Regular, Hard, and Insane, the latter of which being the aforementioned “Nuzlocke” mode. “Nuzlocke” runs in the monster-taming RPG genre gives trainers a strict ruleset to follow throughout their journey. Only one Coromon per area is catchable, no running from battles, no teleporting items, and once a Coromon faints in battle… it doesn’t wake back up.

Additionally, a fifth difficulty option features an extensive number of challenge accessibility options for a customized experience, including, item prices and availability tweaks, Coromon capture limits per area, healing limitations, and many more. With all of these options available, anyone can trek across the beautiful Velua region at their own pace.

Put faith in the hands of the Coromon Titan gods and unlock a built-in randomizer. Every wild Coromon, enemy trainer’s team, Coromon skill and evolution paths, collectible items, and so many other aspects can be completely rearranged for an endlessly replayable odyssey.

Take finely tuned skills honed across these difficulty options to the next level in online multiplayer matches against other trainers. Prove yourself as the ultimate Coromon trainer, showcasing a mastery at tracking down rare Perfect Coromon forms and optimizing their stat pools. After claiming your right to fame among the community, ensure you can access your team anywhere, anytime with cross-save functionality between Nintendo Switch and Steam versions.

Coromon will be available on Nintendo Switch as well as Windows PC and Mac via Steam and Epic Game Store on Thursday, March 31, 2022. To learn more, visit the official site and join the community on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord.


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