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Can You Manipulate Online Games?

The internet is a part of our daily lives. In today’s world, everything we do either relies upon or revolves around the internet. We have come to rely on “being online” as though it is part of our DNA. Our home security systems, grocery shopping, takeaway delivery, banking – most everyday tasks are executed with the internet. 

The same can be said for entertainment. You can listen to music via Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and others on a paid monthly subscription. Online gamers can easily interact with other like-minded people and play against one another online, with popular games like Call of Duty and DOTA.

For those who enjoy playing real money casino games, this too can be done as easily online as it can be done in a land establishment. Sometimes, the experience can be even better. Security is paramount when using the internet, however. If there’s a small vulnerability in any application or website, you could fall prey to a virus or hacker. This is why internet security and savviness are important when relying on the intent for such essential and sensitive things. 

This topic got us thinking: if hackers can set up elaborate scams, can the same be said for online casino games and slots? Can you cheat the software to win?

The short answer is no – you cannot trick or use any systems to cheat online games into winning. You can, however, use a couple of hacks to help increase your odds, but we will get to those in a moment. 

You Can’t Fool the RNG (Random Number Generator)

Random number generators, commonly referred to as RNGs, are computer programs designed to generate numbers randomly. These programs produce vast sequences of numbers that don’t follow any particular pattern. They can provide a single or a collection of numbers from the series when requested at any point in time. There are many types of RNGs available, but generally, two methods are used to generate numbers; “true random” and “pseudo-random.”

Random number generators (RNGs) play a crucial role in online casino games by providing complete randomness that is necessary for all chance-based digital games. All licensed and reputable gambling sites and casinos use RNGs, which are tested by independent authorities to ensure fair gaming at all times. Despite this, many players still have doubts about RNGs. They wonder what an RNG is, whether it is truly honest, and whether it can be tricked.

How Random Number Generators Work

Online casino sites use Random Number Generators to ensure there’s always an element of randomness in games that don’t feature actual dealers. The ‘RNG’ is the mechanic behind the outcome of your Slots, Slingo games, Roulette games, Blackjack games, and even online Scratchcard games to ensure the results are as random and legitimate as possible. Look at it this way – unless you’re playing live dealer games, there will be an RNG behind the game you are playing.

Random Number Generators are constantly active in online casino games and always produce numbers. These pseudo numbers are then instantly transformed into different elements in the games. For example, an RNG will calculate the symbols that land on reels in online slots.

Let’s look at a simple example and calculation:

In a three-reel online slot game with ten symbols per reel, an online random number generator will assign a value to each symbol and then randomly select a value of 1 to 10 for each of the three reels. As a result, you will get three random symbols, all assigned independently. If these symbols form a winning combination, the slot game will pay your winnings accordingly.

This calculation applies to other games, such as numbered spaces on the Roulette wheel where the ball will eventually drop into or the cards dealt by the banker in a game of Blackjack. Furthermore, if you enjoy online Bingo, the Bingo numbers that fall will have been selected (randomly) by the game’s built-in RNG.  

Why You Can’t Beat Random Number Generator

As mentioned above, there’s no way you can beat the system and trick RNGs to land your game results in your favour. There isn’t any software you can buy online to lead to this, even if you find an article that says otherwise.

Legitimate random number generators at casinos are designed so that the average player cannot “beat” them while ensuring they’re fair. At licensed gaming sites, all games and their respective RNGs are third-party checked by independent testing companies such as iTechlabs, as denoted in gambling licensing obligations, to ensure the games are as random as they should be and that they pay out precisely what the games certified return to the player % (RTP) is. This is a good enough reason why it is strongly recommended never to play at unlicensed gaming sites – no one is checking the legitimacy of games and their responsive RNGs/RTPs.

How To Improve Your Odds

We hope we have clearly explained how online casino games work, why we know they’re fair and why you can never cheat the software. There are, however, a couple of tips to improve your odds at online casinos, but remember this: online gambling (aside from online poker) is based on random outcomes and luck – not strategy. Here’s what you can consider when playing online:

Play Games with a Lower House Edge: Playing games with a lower house edge (or a higher RTP %) will boost your odds. Identifying casino games with the lowest house edge is one way to help you win, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. For example, if you use an effective basic blackjack strategy, the house edge is a minuscule 0.5%. When playing video poker, choose variants like Deuces Wild or Jokers Wild that will allow you to flip the house edge negative.

Use Casino Bonuses and Promotions: Online casinos and gaming sites have far lower overheads than land-based casinos, and they use this margin to their advantage and attract customers with bonuses and lucrative promotions. If you have ever played at online casinos, you’ve probably noticed that most offer deposit match bonuses, free spins, and other promotions to new players. Online casinos also offer plenty of promotions to existing customers too, to help retain them so they stick around and do not venture to a competitor. 

If you plan to use these offers, ensure you claim those that swing in your favour. If you claim a bonus example, always opt for those with low or, better still – no wagering requirements. This means any cash you win when playing will be yours to keep without the need to wager anything; you’ll be permitted to withdraw without any further restriction. One major tip we can give you is to always read casino bonus terms and conditions carefully. Casinos can make money when careless players void their bonuses and winnings by playing forbidden games and not following the rules.


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