Home Business New Orleans Saints Collaborate with Eleven Sports Media to Empower Small Business Program

New Orleans Saints Collaborate with Eleven Sports Media to Empower Small Business Program


The New Orleans Saints and Eleven Sports Media have joined forces to introduce a partnership that provides small businesses with an opportunity to align themselves with one of the most prominent brands in the NFL.

Eleven Sports Media, renowned for its successful partnership model in the English Premier League, Major League Soccer, and recently in the NFL, will enable small to medium-sized businesses in New Orleans and Louisiana to associate with a global sports brand.

Matt Webb, VP of Corporate Partnerships at the New Orleans Saints, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We have witnessed Eleven’s accomplishments in professional sports leagues worldwide, and we are delighted to develop our own program in collaboration with them, right here in New Orleans. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our community, and our region is known for transforming these businesses into national powerhouse brands.”

Matt Cairns, Founder and CEO of Eleven Sports Media, commented, “The Eleven model focuses on providing opportunities for small businesses to connect with and align themselves with their local sports teams. It is particularly rewarding for Eleven when we can extend this value to communities that have faced hardships over the years, and New Orleans is undoubtedly in that category. We are excited to introduce this model and the associated opportunities to the local market, invigorating local businesses and supporting their growth.”

Cairns added, “From our initial conversations with the Saints, it was evident that their team is dedicated to delivering a program within their broader partnership structure that prioritises the small business community. We are both confident that we have established a framework that will provide genuine value to small businesses in New Orleans.”

Eleven Sports Media will implement a comprehensive Small Business program, which often proves to be too expensive and labor-intensive for most teams to develop independently. The true value of Eleven’s model lies in a combination of essential products and services. Alongside stadium visibility, each Small Business Partner will receive dedicated support for their marketing and activation needs, ensuring significant returns on their objectives for each brand.

Webb concluded, “We believe that Eleven’s award-winning model aligns perfectly with our region and can accelerate the natural growth process for our Small Business Partners. We are incredibly excited to extend the passion and love for this team to the small business community in a new and innovative way.”


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