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Emmy Award Winning Journalist interviews The Morphbag’s C.E.O.

The Morphbag by GSK, a small independent sustainable Award-Winning brand, is receiving recognition in the industry for its transparent and genuine sustainable promise with a collection of vegan handbags that innovatively provides sustainability of use in addition to sustainable production.

Our Creative Director and C.E.O., Giovanna Sessi-Knott, had the honour to be interviewed by New York based Emmy-Award Winning Journalist, Tamara Laine, for show SystemCHANGR ‘Transformative or Traditional’, a show designated to verify or debunk current ESG news headlines, events, or policies.

In this short interview, Tamara asks Giovanna’s expert opinion on recent ESG discoveries that made headlines including 3D printing, Vegan Leather made from mushrooms, PU leather, and IBM technology aimed at supply chain transparency and whether these were traditional or transformative practices.



The Morphbag by GSK’s commitment towards sustainability goes beyond the traditional focus on sustainable production and supply chain and focuses on consumers’ lifestyle needs and styling by colour type to curb their need for excessive shopping.

All Morphbag timeless designs are made from PETA certified vegan leather (recycled PU leather) with quality, touch and feel that constitutes a like-for-like replacement for hide leather to even attract non-vegans to shop ethically. The objective is to this help combat the devastating effect that deforestation for cattle farming has on climate change.


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