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Collaboration between TrueHLTH and PAF Introduces Jennifer Jaff CareLine, Elevating Advocacy and Aid for Individuals Battling Inflammatory Bowel Disease

TrueHLTH, a pioneering digital health enterprise dedicated to enhancing healthcare guidance for individuals afflicted with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, has today disclosed a collaborative endeavour with the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF). This alliance sees TrueHLTH committing a segment of its earnings from its prescription discount card scheme to PAF, aiding the Jennifer Jaff CareLine. This initiative offers case management support to those battling IBD.

“It’s an honour to partner with PAF in support of the Jennifer Jaff CareLine through our prescription savings card program. With over three-million people suffering from IBD across the U.S., non-profit organisations like PAF play a critical role in helping patients overcome obstacles preventing treatment and recovery,” declared Scott Genone, CEO of TrueHLTH.

The prescription savings card by TrueHLTH, accessible via the company’s recently launched MyTrueHLTH platform, is designed to make medications more affordable for patients. It’s recognised in upwards of 35,000 participating pharmacies throughout the U.S.

For more information on how to economise on prescription medicines starting today and simultaneously contribute to the Patient Advocate Foundation, please visit www.mytruehlth.com.


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