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Bluewater and Betway SA20 Forge Partnership to Tackle Plastic Waste in Cricket with Eco-Friendly Water Solutions

Bluewater, a leader in water purification and beverage solutions from Sweden, has joined forces with the Betway SA20 cricket league of South Africa, introducing a groundbreaking approach to hydration. The collaboration provided players and staff with stainless steel water bottles and over 2,600 litres of purified water during the recent Playoffs and Final, thereby eliminating the need for nearly 5,341 single-use plastic bottles.

The initiative was a highlight of the tournament, which saw Sunrisers Eastern Cape clinching victory at Newlands Cricket Ground, with sustainability playing a key role throughout the event.

Janneke Brasecke, Bluewater Africa’s General Manager, stated, “This partnership with Betway SA20 is a key step towards creating more sustainable and eco-friendly sports events.”

The initiative provided purified drinking water across the event, with each player receiving a durable, reusable Bluewater bottle, effectively reducing plastic waste.

Graeme Smith, Commissioner of the Betway SA20 League, acknowledged the environmental impact: “We are excited to take our first step towards reducing the use of single-use plastic at the Betway SA20. This partnership helps us ensure that we are committed to both improving access to clean drinking water amongst our participants, attendees and contractors, as well as reducing plastic waste. It also reinforces the company’s commitment to improving access to clean drinking water globally and creating a positive impact on human health and the environment.”

Highlighting the influential role of sports in sustainability, Janneke Brasecke added, “Professional sport has a unique opportunity to drive both awareness and action on planet-wide sustainability challenges. With the alarming reliance on single-use plastic bottles still so apparent at many events and venues around the world, this is a bold and important step by Betway SA20 to demonstrate that there is now a real and present solution for sustainable and healthy hydration at cricket events, without harming people and the planet.

The deployment of Bluewater water stations at key venues, including Newlands Cricket Ground and the Wanderers, ensured that sustainable hydration was within easy reach for all involved.

In her concluding remarks, Brasecke expressed hope for the future: “We are stoked to be launching this collaboration with Betway SA20 and we hope it inspires many other events and venues to follow suit in ending the stranglehold of plastics.”


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