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5 Key Challenges for Web Development Companies in 2022

For a web development company, the last few years have been challenging and exciting all at once, due to the huge changes happening in the web development industry overall. Companies that can ride these waves are likely to thrive in 2022 and beyond; those that don’t will face challenges that may threaten their very existence. These are some of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a web development company in 2022, so keep them in mind as you plan your company’s future.

1) Web Development Company Growth

If you’re a web development company that isn’t focused on growth, you might want to rethink your strategy. According to one recent report, 74% of firms that don’t focus on growth are likely to shutter by 2020—leaving only 26% of companies left standing. If you haven’t already started focusing on expansion, it’s time to start exploring different ways your business can increase its footprint.

 One of the best ways to grow your web development company is by forming partnerships with other firms. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always explore affiliate marketing opportunities. If you build a strong affiliate network, it can lead to significant growth for your business—while also increasing exposure and traffic.

2) Employee Engagement

The challenge with employee engagement isn’t that employees are lazy and looking to free ride on their coworkers. It’s simply that most managers don’t understand what it takes to keep motivated employees engaged. This can lead to decreased productivity and increased turnover. In order to ensure employee engagement, companies need to employ techniques like goal setting, performance appraisals, rewards, motivation training and establishing clear career paths for each employee.

 Statistics show that employee engagement can have a serious impact on a company’s bottom line. For example, Gallup recently revealed that businesses who lose 15% or more of their employees in any given year see a 60% turnover rate within 3 years. They also note that a staggering 97% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work. This has led to serious losses across industries, including approximately $450 billion per year from lost productivity and profits due to disengaged employees.

3) Security Concerns

With new vulnerabilities being discovered nearly every day, it’s clear that application security is an ongoing challenge. But as these threats continue to advance, so too must organizations that wish to stay secure; they must be able to identify and combat these flaws effectively and efficiently. With proper measures in place—from top-level management down to individual engineers—security concerns can be addressed with ease.

 While keeping up with new vulnerabilities is an ongoing concern, it isn’t a problem that can’t be overcome. In fact, by managing your software development workflow, you can ensure that security risks are identified and patched as soon as possible. Properly managing dependencies and coding standards within your applications will make it easier to identify flaws, so you can mitigate them before they cause problems. This added step ensures that you never find yourself facing an advanced exploit without a proper solution available.

4) Client Trust, Timely Communication

Since clients are paying a lot of money to have their web design and development needs fulfilled, they expect timely communication from you. In order to maintain that level of trust with your client, you need to keep them up-to-date about every aspect of their project. This includes changes that occur due to budget restrictions, new project requirements and any unforeseen obstacles that might delay completion of a website development company. If issues like these arise, work on resolving them promptly so there are no major setbacks or disappointments.

 Overall, being an effective web development company means keeping your clients happy while you execute on all their design and development needs. To do that, you’ll need to establish a high level of trust so they feel comfortable sharing information with you and bringing up any concerns they have regarding their project.

5) Scalability Concerns

To keep up with demand, web development companies will need to have sufficient scale and speed. Their applications must be easily scalable and flexible enough to adapt quickly to customer requirements.

 They will need to make sure that their systems are optimized and can handle heavy workloads. Otherwise, businesses could experience downtime or slow responses due to bandwidth issues.


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