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Vinylly Reveals How Generations View Music in Relationships via Survey

Vinylly’s December 2023 user survey provides intriguing insights into the attitudes of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zers regarding music in relationships and social contexts.

While music is universally beloved, the way it is experienced and valued shows marked variations across different generations. The main highlights of these generational differences are summarised below, with a detailed analysis available in Vinylly’s blog post on the survey findings.

Spotify Wrapped: Generation-Specific Accuracy

Spotify Wrapped’s recommendations hit the mark for 72% of Millennials, but only half of Baby Boomers and Gen Z find them accurate. Only 33% of Gen X feel understood by their Spotify Wrapped, indicating a generational split in how Spotify is used.

Music Compatibility and Geographic Decisions

Interestingly, only 17% of Baby Boomers and 22% of Millennials would move for a partner with matching music tastes, whereas a more significant 44% of Gen X and 40% of Gen Z are open to it.

Music Choices on Road Trips

Baby Boomers exhibit a preference for more control over music during car trips, unlike Gen X and Millennials who are more inclined towards musical exploration. Gen Z favours a shared approach, though not as strongly as Baby Boomers.

Concert Experiences: Sober Versus Intoxicated

Most Baby Boomers (83%) and Gen X (61%) prefer to stay sober at concerts, a choice less prevalent among 39% of Millennials and 60% of Gen Z, with Millennials being the least inclined to stay mostly sober.

Smartphone Usage at Concerts

There’s a clear generational divide concerning phone use at concerts – 50% of Gen Z are comfortable with it, indicating a trend towards digital inclusion at live events, as opposed to the 67% of Baby Boomers who favour undistracted companions. Millennials are more aligned with Baby Boomers in this regard.

Choosing Between Looks and Musical Taste

A significant 83% of Baby Boomers and Millennials, and 80% of Gen Z, would favour musical compatibility over physical appearance, in contrast to Gen X who show a slight preference for aesthetics.

“Music is a heartbeat that connects people, and our survey illustrates how deeply it influences relationships across generations,” observed Rachel Van Nortwick, CEO and Founder of Vinylly. “From the intimacy of shared playlists to the social fabric of concerts, music weaves people together, and Vinylly is proud to orchestrate these connections.”

These findings not only highlight the app’s innovative approach to matchmaking but also the complex role of music in dating and social interactions.


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