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Revealing the Most Envious Celebrity Smiles on Instagram According to 365 Teeth Whitening

In a groundbreaking analysis, 365 Teeth Whitening has sifted through Instagram and Google to pinpoint the top 100 celebrities whose smiles are most admired and sought after by the public.

With Instagram’s user base exceeding 2.35 billion globally, the platform is a treasure trove for fans keen on keeping tabs on their favourite stars. Some celebrities have successfully garnered over 500 million followers, highlighting Instagram’s colossal influence.

The research conducted by 365 Teeth Whitening has unearthed intriguing findings:

  • Miley Cyrus tops the list with her teeth generating approximately 69k searches monthly.
  • Taylor Swift is a close second with her smile drawing about 66k searches each month.
  • Cardi B secures the third position with nearly 9.5k monthly searches for her teeth.
  • Predominantly, the top three are US-based female musicians, averaging 32 years of age.
  • A significant majority, 80%, of the top 10 celebrities known for their smiles are women.
  • Among the top 10, only two are famed for their reality TV appearances.
  • The celebrities with the highest overall number of followers are both celebrated international footballers, sharing over a billion followers between them.

Sarah Hagan, Brand Director at 365 Teeth Whitening, remarked: “Instagram is by far the most used social media platform in the world so it’s no surprise that global celebrities consider it the go-to platform to communicate with their fans. With many of the world’s super celebrities able to accumulate over 100 million followers on the platform, we can easily see the power of their own global brand. Whether they are a musician, actor, reality TV star, sports personality or supermodel, you can guarantee that they try to look their best at all times, and this is especially true of their teeth. Here at 365 Teeth Whitening we wanted to find out which celebrity had the most interest from the public with regards to their teeth. We were fascinated to see that the top 3 ranked celebrities were all female musicians. It was also interesting to see that the top 2 celebrities with the most Instagram followers were international football superstars. Needless to say, if a celebrity makes it onto the top 100 Instagram followers list, you can guarantee that they will help shape how their own fans relate to themselves, whether that be style, grooming, beauty and especially their teeth.”

This insightful study by 365 Teeth Whitening not only highlights the public’s fascination with celebrity smiles but also underscores the impact of these stars in setting trends in dental aesthetics.


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