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A Singular Conversation with Distinguished Contemporary Artist and Curator Xi Wang on His Artistic Voyage

On December 21, 2023, Regina Burgher had the privilege of engaging in an exclusive conversation with the esteemed contemporary artist and curator, Xi Wang.

Xi Wang, an influential figure in the realm of Chinese international art, excels as a curator, artist, and art commentator, with his focus primarily on contemporary art and philosophical studies. An alumnus of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, he established the Shanghai Yaosha Cultural Communication Co., Ltd in 2018. Wang’s professional affiliations include the American Oil Painting Society and the American Oil Painting and Acrylic Society. His international art curatorial and exhibition experience is extensive, having organised and participated in art exchange programs and exhibitions across several countries including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, and the Vatican. Wang’s career is characterised by regular travel between Europe and China, highlighting his extensive expertise in the realm of international art curation and exhibitions.

XI WANG “Metaphysics – Skipping Rope”

As an artist, Xi Wang has made significant contributions to the international art scene in recent times. His art has been showcased at numerous esteemed events, such as the London Contemporary Art Fair in 2023, the Paris Contemporary Art Juried Exhibition in 2022, the International Contemporary Art Fair at the Louvre’s Carrousel Exhibition Hall, and the Independent Art Salon at the Grand Palais Museum in Paris. His artistic works are renowned for their stylistic diversity, creative ingenuity, and thoughtful depth, earning him high regard in the global art community.

XI WANG “Metaphysics – Lilith’s Tentacle”

In the sphere of curation, Xi Wang possesses an extensive and illustrious background, both domestically and internationally. Since embarking on his independent curatorial journey in 2016, he has garnered significant international accolades. Over recent years, he has curated a multitude of solo and group exhibitions, offering numerous artists a platform to exhibit their works. His solo exhibition repertoire includes shows by artists such as Remy Ayron, Xu Songbo, Hui Yuge, Guo Yaguan, Yan Zeming, and Wang Shouzhang. His group exhibitions have varied in scope and theme, including the London Contemporary Juried Exhibition, RESTART International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Excellent Chinese and Foreign Art Exhibition, Jing·Jing International Glass Art Exhibition, Modern Art Exhibition, National Oil Painting Famous Invitational Exhibition, and the Beijing Contemporary Art Exhibition.

XI WANG “Metaphysics – The Origin of the Universe”

Xi Wang’s curatorial style is characterised by its innovation and avant-garde nature, emphasising the essence and contemporary diversity of artistic expression. He is ardently committed to promoting international artistic exchange and dialogue. Currently, his focus is on cultivating interactions and cultural exchanges between China and Western nations, primarily through organising exhibitions and events in countries like China, France, and the UK. His curatorial expertise has been lauded by globally renowned artists and audiences, including Prasad Beaven, Leng Jun, and Mark Tangi.

Xi Wang’s contributions in the realms of art and curation have received accolades both within China and on the international stage. World-renowned contemporary artists who have been part of his curated exhibitions, such as Annie Trevorah from the UK, Rémy Aron from France, Phil Hohn from Germany, and Stacy Isenbarger from the US, have gained considerable recognition through his exhibitions. Wang’s dedication and talent have significantly elevated the stature of Chinese contemporary art globally and have fostered cross-cultural artistic exchanges. His achievements and contributions transcend the art industry, playing a pivotal role in enhancing China’s cultural dialogues and global influence.

XI WANG “Metaphysics – Dislocation”

Xi Wang stands out as a dynamic and inventive contemporary artist and curator. His “Metaphysics Series” and various curated exhibitions not only demonstrate his deep affection and skill for art but also reveal his profound reflections and unique perspectives on contemporary art’s progression. His efforts and influence have been instrumental in advancing the world of art and promoting international cultural exchanges. The art world eagerly awaits more of his inspirational work and accomplishments in the years ahead.


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