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Web Summit Qatar 2024: Sachin Dev Duggal Discusses ‘The AI Moment’

At Web Summit Qatar, a pivotal session titled ‘The AI Moment’ delved into the ongoing AI revolution and its broad impacts. Hosted by Julia Sieger from FRANCE 24, the discussion welcomed Mohamed Al-Hardan of the Qatar Investment Authority and Sachin Dev Duggal, the creative mind behind Builder.ai.

Drawing upon his profound experience at Builder.ai, Sachin Dev Duggal recounted AI’s historical progression, referencing significant milestones such as Google’s BERT model from ten years ago. He observed that the landmark shift in 2022 was characterised not solely by technological advancements but also by user experience enhancements. These design innovations, including the refinement of user interfaces and the strategic slowing of response times, heralded a new chapter in AI, making it more approachable and learnable for the general public.

Mohamed Al-Hardan, reflecting on the Qatar Investment Authority’s recent completion of Builder.ai’s Series D funding, discussed the strategic logic behind their investment. He commended Builder.ai for its efforts to streamline the development cycle and its proactive stance on AI, while also emphasising the critical role of thorough due diligence in ensuring AI’s effectiveness. Al-Hardan also noted the trend among AI startups to not only mitigate the risks associated with AI but to ambitiously strive to be at the forefront of responding to technological advancements in AI.

As the conversation turned to AI’s potential effects on employment, Duggal and Al-Hardan ventured beyond the conventional narrative of technological unemployment. Sachin Duggal portrayed a future where individuals are valued for their creative contributions rather than mundane tasks, offering a new perspective on the concept of work. Al-Hardan concurred, advocating for an attitude of perpetual learning to adapt to the AI-driven future.

On the topic of AI governance, the dialogue highlighted the sophisticated ethical and regulatory challenges associated with AI’s rapid development. Al-Hardan cautioned against the risks of inhibitive over-regulation that could deter innovation, proposing a synergistic relationship between regulators and technologists to bridge the growing knowledge gap between these essential stakeholders.

The discussion concluded with a consensus on the imperative need for educational reform, aimed at preparing the youth for the challenges and opportunities of an AI-dominated future. Sachin Dev Duggal emphasised the importance of integrating skills like creativity and adaptability into educational programs, ensuring their relevance in a variety of scenarios.

The insights shared by Sachin and Al-Hardan provided a comprehensive overview of the human considerations, ethical dilemmas, and the responsibilities we face in the age of AI, highlighting the crucial role of placing human interests at the forefront of AI innovation.


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