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Multi-Lingual Release of Kris James’ “Forever Forever” Marks a First in AI-Assisted Music Translation

The Liverpool-based artist Kris James is taking a pioneering step in the music industry with his new single “Forever Forever“, releasing it not just in English but in AI-translated Japanese and German versions, using his own vocals. This innovative move is part of a collaboration with the cutting-edge AI music translation startup, sipher.io.

The multi-language release of “Forever Forever” reflects Kris’ aspiration to deepen his engagement with fans around the globe, transcending linguistic boundaries to share his emotive lyrics and soul-stirring melodies with an expansive international audience. The AI technology used in the translations ensures that the song’s emotive essence and lyrical integrity are faithfully preserved across languages, offering a novel auditory experience in Japanese and German.

Kris commented on the initiative, stating, “When the opportunity presented itself for me to have multiple language versions of this release, I jumped at the chance. This is something I haven’t seen other artists do yet, so I feel like I’m one of the pioneers in this space.”

“Forever Forever” weaves a captivating narrative of eternal love, soulmate connections, and the profound longing for an everlasting bond. It delves into the essence of being deeply known by another, and the yearning for that connection to transcend time. Kris added: “Inspired by my own personal journey, which, after a decade of solitude, found what was believed to be a timeless love, only for it to unravel, this track stands as a bittersweet homage to idealists and romantics”.

The song poignantly captures the notion that while some of the deepest connections may be transient, the hope for an eternal love remains undiminished. It is a celebration of love’s endless possibilities and serves as an ode to the beauty and sorrow of chasing a love that outlives time itself. “Forever, Forever” transcends being merely a song; it is an ode for the bold-hearted, those who love deeply, dream grandly, and hold dear the idea of a love that endures forever.

Kris’s journey through music has been intrinsically personal from its inception. His early exposure to soul music, as evidenced by his renditions of hits like Otis Redding’s ‘Dock of the Bay’, ignited his passion for conveying deep emotions through songwriting. He has spent his early years perfecting his art, driven by the ambition to express his life stories through his music and live performances, including opening for notable acts like Will Young and Anastacia.

Furthermore, Kris has ventured into the fashion world as the founder of Amanzzo, a luxury brand committed to sustainable men’s fashion, which has recently unveiled its inaugural swimwear collection.


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