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MMS: A Pioneering Tech Solution to the Muslim Matrimonial Dilemma

Muslim Marriage Services (MMS), founded by London’s Hajji Laird Mostafa, is a novel initiative blending advanced technology and traditional matrimonial values to resolve the Muslim marriage crisis. Utilising Digital ID technology, as adopted by the government of Jersey and UK cinemas, Mostafa aims to facilitate matrimonial connections among the global Muslim population. “Worldwide, there are two billion Muslims, and around 300-400 million are single and keen to marry. We want to make it easier for them,” Mostafa states, underscoring the platform’s ambitious goal.

Some challenges are universal, such as online fraud. That and a 42% divorce rate for Muslims in the UK and 31% amongst North American Muslim communities contribute to added shame and stigma for many individuals involved – and often their families. Finding another partner after a failed marriage can also be contentious.

With online fraud and high divorce rates posing significant challenges in the Muslim community, MMS seeks to alleviate these issues. The platform targets students and young professionals, creating a secure environment for matrimonial pursuits. “We are here to help Muslims find love built on trust and digital security. That’s why MMS is the only matrimonial service on the planet to use Extended Validation Site Security Certification,” Mostafa emphasises, reflecting the platform’s commitment to security.

MMS not only ensures digital safety but also respects traditional matrimonial practices by incorporating chaperone and guardian validation. The service offers comprehensive features, including DBS certificate management and background checks, to ensure a safe and respectful matrimonial journey.

Operational across the UK, North America, Europe, and the Middle East, MMS is dedicated to both matrimonial success and philanthropy, with half of its profits supporting disadvantaged communities. Future plans include hosting live events to facilitate in-person connections, and a partnership with Insightology (UK) to provide emotional support for its premium members.


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