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Launch of KEATH.ai at Parliament: A Milestone in AI-Educational Integration

London’s House of Lords was the venue for the significant AI Advancement Forum, where Patrick Degg, the University of Surrey’s Vice President (Global), captured the essence of the event with his statement, ‘AI can, and inescapably will, change the educational landscape.’ This set the tone for a day of insightful discussions among global educational leaders, culminating in the launch of KEATH.ai. Joey Lin, CEO of KEATH.ai, stated, “Last December, students got ChatGPT; this December, teachers get KEATH.ai”.

Joey Lin drew an analogy between the role of generative AI in education and the historic transition from horse-powered transport to motor vehicles. He highlighted the technology’s ongoing pilot projects across several universities.

Surrey’s President and Vice Chancellor, Max Lu, declared 2023 as a crucial year for AI, posing challenges and opportunities for educational measurement and assessment, as illustrated by KEATH.ai. The forum featured a range of prominent speakers and attendees from different sectors and regions.

At the event, Joey Lin showcased KEATH.ai, a pioneering AI tool for educational assessment, boasting high accuracy and time-saving capabilities. Professor Yu Xiong, Associate Vice President at Surrey and KEATH’s Managing Director, described KEATH as a digital assistant, augmenting human capabilities.

Jon Howard, from BBC, shared his vision of the future of education, highlighting adaptive learning and automatic grading technologies.

UK education authority Dr. Trevor Lee commended KEATH.ai for its ease of use and its potential to save teachers valuable time.

Lord Taylor of Warwick spoke about the transformative power of AI and the need to democratise AI technology in education.

Katie Normington from De Montfort University and Michael Luck from the University of Sussex underlined the importance of embracing AI changes in education and advocated for responsible AI governance.

The AI Advancement Forum ended with KEATH.ai being hailed as a game-changer in education.

For more details and demo arrangements, visit www.keath.ai.


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