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Introducing Caira: A Revolutionary AI Platform Prioritising Privacy for Legal Professionals and Parents

Caira emerges as a groundbreaking AI-powered platform, offering the expertise and precision of a King’s Counsel at a fraction of the cost. For a modest monthly subscription, far less than the £2,500/hour rate, it aims to streamline and emotionally ease the process of child arrangement orders for parents.

Tailor-made for the family court system in England and Wales, Caira’s beta iteration was unveiled in November 2023. It’s readily accessible without any registration requirements. Engage with Caira today at: www.unwildered.co.uk/caira.

No Guesswork or Trial Runs: Caira was meticulously crafted over several months, only going live after meeting our stringent performance benchmarks. Compared to ChatGPT4 and similar AI platforms, Caira stands out in:

  • Specific relevance to family law in England and Wales.
  • Quick, accurate responses.
  • Precise references to case law and statutes.
  • Communication that is naturally empathetic and human-like.

Supreme Court Judge Calibre Insights Caira brings varied perspectives and legal precedents to the table, aiding solicitors, barristers, and judges in tasks from evaluating probable outcomes to preparing for cross-examinations. Think of Caira as essential as a calculator to a maths professor or a grammar/spell checker to a newspaper editor.

Commitment to Privacy In line with the Courts and Tribunal Judiciary’s guidelines on AI usage by judicial officers, issued on December 12th, 2023, we underscore Caira’s dedication to privacy. During its beta phase, conversations are neither stored nor accessible to us. Furthermore, we pledge to never:

  • Utilise your conversations for training our AI model.
  • Distribute conversations to external parties.
  • Permit third-party access to your discussions.

Engage with Caira now at www.unwildered.co.uk/caira


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