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What are the Reason for the “I’m Not A Robot” Recaptcha Message?

You need to search for something and you are rushed. You just launched Google and started typing and hit search. Things were fine as you just got the message saying prove you are human. This is one of the most annoying modern-day internet problems that we all have seen so many times. Just when you are about to progress, you will be provided with the Captcha that you will need to solve so you can continue.

Though you can bypass through 2captcha, not all of, unfortunately, have access to such utility so solving Captcha is the only option. Though Captcha solving is rather an easy thing most of the time but the problem is not every user has the time to spend time on deciphering the Captcha and they sometimes keep appearing even after completing again and again. Even if you have access to 2 Captcha then you will still need to get through this which can be quite time-consuming.

Why This Seams Embarrassing?

When you are about to search on Google and you will get interrupted with the “I’m not a robot” message that will make you feel embraced. Sometimes it will make you click on the simple tick box and you are done. Google will analyze how you clicked because bots are programmed to click on the center of a checkbox. Humans can click anywhere. This will help Google to determine if you are human or not.

There are extensions for Google chrome that can be clicked right after you load the page but it will also require you to verify it 5 or6 times to see the real search results. The real problem is, even when you have done everything well, you will still get the message of sorry saying we cannot let you continue.

How Can These Issues Be Resolved

If you are the one who has to face this situation upon searching. Then here are some tips that will help you.

Check Your Network

Sometimes there are countries where the ISP will track your browsing activities and for this purpose, they will mask the IP address. Sometimes the Masked IP will be blocked by Captcha or reCaptcha by Google. And even with 2captcha API, you will still not be able to bypass this. However, if you are constantly facing the situation then contact your ISP as soon as possible.

If you are sharing a network or WIFI connection then you might be facing this situation as well. In this scenario, there is a possibility that someone sharing your connection might be sending some automated traffic and Google will not let you search from the network. You can also contact the network administrator to address the issue for information.

Google Public DNS

Another network-related problem would be the public DNS. Domain name system or DNS can be helpful in resolving issues regarding the IP address of the website to the name of the host. The DNS problem arises with your computer’s setting or from the ISP or the problem may be private DNS. Mind that corrupt DNS will not trigger the Captcha but you will notice a significant slowdown in your connection.

So what you need to do is to convert to a reliable public DNS to resolve this issue. The Internet can be your friends’ guide you on how to use Google public DNS. It is even greater to resolve the internet connection issues as well.

Stop Using VPN

Data on the internet isn’t available equally all around the globe. And you will need to use the VPN to hide your IP address and change your location. This is the easiest way to access blocked websites and content from different platforms. Though using VPN isn’t legal in many countries but using it will not blacklist the entire server. Sometimes you will be provided with the IP address that was banned previously by Google or blacklisted.

If you are using a free VPN then don’t do it. For premium VPN, if you are facing this issue then contact your service providers to provide you a better IP address to connect better. And even if you are using the captcha app and still facing the Captcha warning then you should take a look at your VPN connection. If you just turn off your VPN connection then you will not have to face the situation.

Searching Illegal Queries

You saw this coming, right! Searching illegal terms will cause you to verify yourself as human too often in Google. If you have accidentally done it then clear the browser’s cache and try searching once again. However, keep in mind that Google can track your IP and keep a record of your searches so bear this in mind while doing that and if you are constantly facing the issue then check the search guideline from Google to avoid this issue.

Slowdown Your Clicks

If you are not using any proxy, VPN and there is no IP and ISP issue and anything that can trigger the Captcha but it did then you should take a look at your click from you. This is because the AI behind will always analyze your behavior and if you did something unusual that seems bot ish such as inputting the keyword and searching too fast that seemed rather automated then you will need to verify that you are human.

Though this might seem strange, before using the 2captcha bot you should slowdown your mice clicks and use normal speed to trigger the Captcha warning.

Final Thoughts

Google will only ask you to fill the Captcha message when it will find the unusual traffic activities from your computer. Once there is no unusual activity detected from your side then you will never have to worry about solving Captcha. You may use 2captcha login and submitted Captcha once or twice but if you are always facing the issue then you should take a look above mentioned issues to deal issues.


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