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Should you build your family tree online or offline?

The founder of the Family Historian, Simon Orde, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the best place to put the tree of family members.

Family tree maker 2019 is the software’s currently used version, with many enhanced features. Users expect the family tree maker 2021 as the next upgrade of the software. It is expected to have more advanced features to build a family tree.

Many genealogists prefer to keep the details of their genealogy data online using websites such as Findmypast. There are many reasons to store this. If your data is primarily from one source, it’s most likely to be easy to update if it’s on the provider’s website. The fact that your data is on the internet means you don’t need to be concerned about backups. In the case of most online services, you’ll be able to effortlessly access your data using any device, mobile or application regardless of where you are.

However, many genealogists would prefer the idea of keeping their genealogy offline (that is, in their personal computer) with a desktop genealogy software such as Family Historian as well as RootsMagic. Why are so many people choosing this method?

At this moment, I’d like to declare my interest. I’m Simon Orde, and my company, Calico Pie, produces Family Historian. I developed Family Historian to combine my passion for genealogy and my work as a software developer. Our customers are typically people who, like me, obtain their data from a variety of sources – some of them online as well as some that aren’t – and also from other “real-world” sources, such as certificates of family members, certificates of family members and other papers, and also from other genealogists. To do this, you’ll need tools that allow for easy data entry as well as solid import and merge capabilities. Also, it would help if you had reliable web-clipping software to integrate information from any website easily. Also, you’ll need reliable web search software. The most recent version of Family Historian also comes with automatic hints that inform you about the matching records found from Findmypast’s databases and other sites.

Another reason to choose desktop applications is that you require features not available through the online family tree. In terms of capabilities and power, there is a situation where the most feature-rich software is found on desktops. If you’re interested in families tree graphs and reports, you could be creating books or publications about your family members, making CDs or DVDs, constructing family websites about trees, working with maps or using images (and connecting faces to people). The software you’re looking for is likely located on your desktop. If you’re looking to conduct a thorough analysis of the information you currently have on your desktop, it could be the best option.

If your information is saved on your computer, be sure to have a solid backup strategy. Many genealogists prefer to store their research documents on OneDrive or DropBox to ensure that it’s immediately backed up to the web. However, one of the reasons to keep the data on your computer is to keep it safe, and if you aren’t confident in cloud services, it might be better to back up your data onto the Memory stick or CD or a removable USB hard drive (very affordable nowadays). There are many choices.

If you’re looking for access to your information on your mobile or tablet, most desktop genealogy software provides various solutions to do this. Families Historian users can test different applications that work when used with this program, like GedFamilies and GedStar Pro. It doesn’t have to be either-or. It’s possible to mix different tools and utilize them for different tasks. Genealogists who are severe and long-standing build up a small collection that includes genealogy tools over time. There’s a lot that genealogists would like to do with the family tree data. There’s plenty of software available, both offline and online, that can assist you in accomplishing this.


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