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Vocational Training Is Once Again Imposed On The University

The growth of Vocational Training in Spain is a fact. Thus, enrollment in this training modality grows year after year, increasing by 20% since 2018 . This data is reinforced by the increase in the demand for professional VET graduates by companies.

So let him see the report of Infoempleo and Adecco on Employability and Vocational Training, which brings out that following the small decline experienced by the FP facing university education in 2019, l to employability of Vocational back formation to grow in 2020 , monopolizing 41.3% of job offers compared to 33.7% of those requesting a university profile.

However, despite the notable growth of this training model, Spanish VET continues to be well below the OECD in number of enrolled , showing one of the worst enrollment figures for intermediate-level degrees. As mentioned in this report, these figures are motivated both by cultural issues and by ignorance about the potential of this training to access a job.

In the words of Javier Blaso, director of the Adecco Group Institute, to combat these false beliefs about Vocational Training it is necessary to improve and expand the training offer, adapting the degrees to the demands of companies, especially in the technology sector.

This has been one of the bets for this course of MEDAC, the Official Professional Training Institute, which has expanded its training catalog in the technological field, creating the new MEDAC Nova center in Malaga focused on 3D animation and modeling, programming, web design and digital marketing, some of the most demanded disciplines in job offers aimed at VET graduates.

On this, the General Director of MEDAC, Manuel Ávila insists on “the need for education to be constantly growing, always listening to the business sector to train highly trained professionals. For this reason, at MEDAC we have opted for digital transformation to the next course and we maintain the firm objective of continuing to revolutionize the education sector with MasterD, approaching training from different areas to offer the most complete offer “.

Andalusia, the autonomy with the most growing demand for VET technicians

By autonomous communities, Catalonia, Madrid, and the Basque Country lead the search for professional profiles graduated in VET , closely followed by Andalusia, one of the autonomous regions that has increased its demand for technicians the most in recent years and holds fourth place of the ranking .

The Andalusian community is one of MEDAC’s great bets, being its place of origin and one of the most developed expansion points. Currently, the Vocational Training center has 16 centers distributed between Malaga, Seville, Córdoba, Almería and Cádiz, and for the academic year 2022-2023 it plans to open 6 new centers due to the growth in demand for degrees from its students .

Another of MEDAC’s decisions for this course has been the expansion of its degrees, focusing on training cycles that adapt to the needs of the labor market both in technology, health and administration. Among the new degrees, there are five upper and three medium degrees in Health Emergencies, Microinformatics Systems and Networks and Administrative Management.

This commitment to the intermediate degree takes place in a year in which the demand for this training level grows notably, adding three points more than in 2019. For its part, the demand for higher technicians decreases in 2020, although it is still the most sought after by companies that request VET technicians .


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