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Signed The Metal Trade Agreement Of The Province Of Zaragoza With Salary Increases

The new Collective Agreement for the Metal Trade includes not increasing salaries in the first year 2020 while, for the year 2021, an annual increase of 340 linear euros has been agreed for all professional groups and functional divisions. For the third year of validity, 2022, an increase of 2% has been signed.

The agreement, valid until 2022 and signed today, includes some new features. The presentation of work outside the normal opening hours of the establishment and / or work center, due to special jobs (Black Friday, Three Kings’ Eve, fairs, among others) or preparation for them (label highlighting, change of season, preparation of sales and / or fairs) will be voluntary, having to be paid as a holiday time, with the exception of workers with a specific contract for this purpose.

The professional classification is also simplified with the elimination of Group VI, becoming part of Group V, with the same functional division (Auxiliary Services) and the same remuneration.

The agreement also focuses on training as a basic element of competitiveness for the future of the sector, apart from incorporating new regulations regarding participation in training programs developed by companies or participation through training plans developed by trade union organizations. and business representatives of the sector.

The agreement affects more than 16,000 workers in this sector in the Aragonese capital and its province and 1,900 companies as diverse as jewelry, industrial supply stores, sale of vehicles, electrical appliances, computer equipment or hardware stores, among others.

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