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Should The Salary Between Co-Workers Be Public

Is salary still a taboo subject? What if we knew what our co-workers perceive with full transparency?

In Finland a few days ago a proposal was launched that will make the salary public among co-workers . The Finnish government of Sanna Marin has proposed a new law allowing workers to see what their colleagues are earning if they suspect they are being discriminated against. The measure is part of a legislative package to reduce the pay gap between women and men.

E n Finland , the wage gap between men and women is a major problem. In the Nordic country, on average a man earns more than 17% than a woman. The percentage is well above the OECD average of 12.5%.

In Spain, this gap is not so large according to the organization , although it is also important, standing at 11.5% in favor of men.

The gap is higher than the average in countries such as Germany (15.5%), the United States (18.2%), Chile (21.1%), Japan (24.5%), Estonia (28.6%) and, above all, South Korea (34.6%).

Salary transparency: something everyone wants?
From LinkedIn News Spain a survey has been raised these days among Spanish users of the professional social network to find out their opinions on whether, indeed, the salary should be public among coworkers.

To the question: “Should we be able to know what our colleagues charge?” , more than 7,400 users have responded, with 63% positioning themselves in favor of it being public , and 37% arguing that it should remain a private matter.

In the comments of the survey, many users have commented on their suffering about it. “I do not know to what extent it may be necessary for all of us to know what our colleagues earn (not so the fact that this issue is investigated more thoroughly from the corresponding instances, to avoid this inequality). In any case, with the objective to preserve, also, the privacy of each one, the only way would be for them to be published without a name, attaching at most basic demographic data, “wrote one user.

For their part, others were categorically in favor: “From thinking that you charge less, to having the certainty that you charge less, there is a law that prevents you from seeing it, isn’t it a bit unfair?”

Impressions are also collected that allude to the fact that knowing salaries in a very transparent way could mean that between companies it is much easier to attract talent from others by offering them salary increases.

Without a doubt, the debate is open.

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