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Public School Platform Cries Out Against Cuts In Health Of The School Community

Before the start of a new school year, and knowing the evolution of the pandemic, from the State Platform for Public School we state our deep concern about the relaxation of measures to guarantee the safety and health of teachers, students and students. their families, and we urge the Ministry and public administrations to reverse the cuts in the health of the people who participate in education.

The organizations that are members of this platform are very negatively surprised that, both in the sectoral conference and in the rest of the forums where health and safety measures in the educational environment are debated, there are no representatives of the families, students and teachers.

The educational community, as it did last year, continues to demand the safe presence of students in all educational stages, and, therefore, we do not understand that educational administrations reverse, in most cases, the extra quotas that they were hired last year instead of expanding them to guarantee this required safe presence. Nor is it understood that the safety distance of students, as a measure that has been shown to be useful in preventing infections, is, in many cases, reduced.

It is known that, like the rest of society, students, their families and also teachers, we are experiencing extreme situations during the pandemic with the aim of advancing the educational process with professionalism and diligence. COVID-19 has highlighted realities in the educational community such as students who require reinforcement and academic, psychosocial and emotional support; exhausted faculty and exhausted families. Hence, it is not understood, nor can we accept, that support for the teaching-learning process is cut back. Especially when both the educational community and society have clearly confirmed that the benefits of significantly increasing the staff in educational centers go far beyond the health aspect, and that it reverts to educational quality,

For all this, from the State Platform for Public School we demand the maintenance in educational centers of the teaching quotas and the rest of the personnel hired in the past year , as well as their increase to extend the reduction of ratios below 20 students per classroom, at least, and presence in all non-university educational stages, and the continuity of the requirement of 1.5 meters of safety distance, counting for this purpose with the corresponding European funds.

We strongly reject the reduction of the requirements that made it possible to guarantee safety , health and educational reinforcements and we recall that the funds assigned to the autonomous communities by the Government should be obligatorily associated with maintaining and improving the measures of the past year .

The organizations that are part of the State Platform for Public School will promote actions and joint mobilizations of the educational community at both the state and regional levels.

We urge the Ministry and the rest of the educational administrations to implement the necessary procedures so that the benefits described are not temporary, raising the ratio reduction to permanent and stable, and establishing other measures that improve educational quality, taking into this process as a priority interlocutor to the representatives of the educational community.

Finally, we demand the urgent call of the representatives of the public school to give a reality check to a face-to-face and safe education for all and all members of the educational community.


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